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Running Staff Current Issues


Apply en-masse for One Day’s Casual Leave of

02-12-2008 immediately and insist all to apply.

2nd December Mass CL

Congratulations to

Indian Scientist for success of “Chandra Yaan-1”

Faith with NRMU

ALPs Meeting successfully held at

BSL on 14-11-2008 &  at

NGP on 15-11-2008

In the Leadership of Running Staff’s Young Dynamic Leader Com. Venu P. Nair/AGS/NRMU/Mumbai. The Huge attendance shows ALPs faith to NRMU


ALPs Demonstration successfully conducted at DD & SUR. Thanks to All Comrades.

Emails/Telegrams Sent to President,PM,MR …..

Black Week Celebrated From 27-10 to 02-11-2008 in Protest of Injustice to ALPs.

Download Excel Calculator Protest Of ALPs on SUR Division

Memorandum Submitted Through DRM SUR

What Should U Do Step By Step in Service?

Protest By ALPs for Justice from 6CPC

PLB Bonus Rs.8399+ Arrears

OBC Creamy Layer 4.5 Lakhs

Download Fixation Charts

1) ALP

2) Sr.ALP, LP Shunting-II

3) Goods Guard

4) LPG-II, LP Shunting-I, Sr.Goods Guard, Pass Guard

5) LPP-II, LPG-I, Guard MExp

6) LP M Exp, LPP-I

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