A new opportunity 2earn commission- changing of Traction motors in all Siemens Rakes

Mumbai: Central Railway (CR) has received 48 modified motors from Siemens in Germany to replace the faulty ones installed in the newly procured EMU rakes after they began developing snags at various levels.

During a press tour to Kurla carshed on Tuesday, CR officials pointed out the hiccups faced by them with the new-age EMU rakes. "Since January, the number of on-track failures have increased. While examining various parts, we analysed that the colour of the oil which helps in cooling the bearing was changing to black or red instead of brown. This led us to the conclusion that the changing colour was acting as a deterrent resulting in brakes getting jammed or traction motors failing," said Sanjay Sood, chief electrical engineer (rolling stock) of CR.

He said, "We also examined the vibration levels and compared it with the normal targets. The variations helped us come to a conclusion that the motor was problematic and the rake had to be pulled out of service."

This was possible as Kurla car-shed has procured the technical know-how to not only to identify the problem, but also to come out with solutions, if any.

By May-end, CR plans to change the motors with the modified versions on all its 15 rakes currently in service. "One rake has 16 motors which means we will be able to replace the faulty motors of four rakes at the earliest," said Shriniwas Mudgerikar, chief public relations officer of CR.

The rakes are thoroughly washed at this car-shed with soap and water. A mechanised cleaning system with 10 huge brooms have been installed, half of which revolves in clockwise and the other half in anti-clockwise direction. The rake moves forward and backward and is cleaned once a month with adequate detergent. CR is however planning to clean its rakes once in 10 days.

CR has also installed a testing lab for modified auxiliary warning system which helps in reducing the speed of the train in case of an emergency. For instance, if the signal goes green, it means the motorman has to restrict his speed to 80kmph. However, if it exceeds to 81kmph, there will be a beep in his cabin and immediately emergency brakes will be applied thereby restricting the speed to 80kmph.



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