New Siemens rakes to get a yellow `face’

New rakes to get a yellow `face’ 22 Apr 2009, 0414 hrs IST, Roana Maria Costa, TNN
MUMBAI: After receiving complaints from track maintenance staff that the grey-coloured frontal portions of the new MRVC-Siemens rakes are not visible in the dark, both Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR) have started painting them a bright yellow. The grey `face’ of the swanky new white-purple trains, on both the motorman and the guard’s end, will be changed.
Officials from MRVC said that members from the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad suggested various colour schemes including this one. They took feedback from the staff as well as the commuters. The study was carried out around seven months ago. Both CR and WR have agreed to this new colour scheme.
"All the new rakes rolling out of the Integral Coach Factory (manufacturers of the new rakes) will now have their front portions painted yellow,” said an official from MRVC.
Chief CR PRO S C Mudgerikar said the rakes would be painted over the next three months.
WR officials also said that four of the 24 new rakes in service have already received a coat of paint in their Mumbai Central carshed.

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