OM : Travel entitlement for the purpose of Leave Travel Concession

Office Memorandum has been issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions , Department of Personnel and Training which states
1) The travel entitlements while on LTC and official tour / transfer will be the same but no daily allowance shall be admissible for travel on LTC. Subsequently, the Ministry of Finance, vide their O.M. No. 7(!) / E. Coord. / 2008 dated 10th November, 2008, had stipulated that in the case of travel on LTC for those entitled to travel by air, only the cheapest economy fare ticket will be allowed, irrespective of their entitlements on tour. A number of references are being received in this Department to restore the travel entitlements as per the O.M. dated 23rd September, 2008.

2. The matter has been examined in this Department in consultation with the Ministry of Finance and it has been decided to restore the travel entitlements for LTC as stipulated vide O.M. dated 23rd September, 2008. The Ministry of Civil Aviation may bring out a scheme on the lines of LTC 80 for travel by business class. The officers and / or their families amy chose to travel on LTC by any airline provided the face does not exceed the fares offered by NACIL (Air India) under their new LTC schmem for business class.

3. These orders shall take effect from the date of issue. (3 June, 2009)

Office Memorandum :


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