After SMS feedback, CR gets cracking

After SMS feedback, CR gets cracking

MUMBAI: Central Railway (CR) seems to have finally taken commuter response, received through its newly launched SMS feedback system, to heart.

The organisation has received 3,000-odd text messages over the last two months and if it indeed keeps its promise, commuters can expect better amenities, ticketing facilities and streamlined train operations in the coming months. CR officials have also acknowledged their weak points and said they were taking criticism constructively.

The feedback showed that a whopping 60% of commuters on Central Railway were unsatisfied with basic amenities like seats in trains/platforms and FOBs (existing FOBs needed repairs and there was a need for new ones). They also wanted clearer announcements, better indicators, cleaner stations and trains, raising of the heights of platforms. Work on many of these have already started.

Also, 16% of commuters wanted better train operations, stressing on punctuality, new trains, change in timings and platforms. "Some commuters SMSed that a particular train was late every day. We looked into the time table and tightened screws,” said general manager, CR, B B Modgil. He added that when the scheme was launched, he expected punctuality to be a major grouse but instead ticketing scored over it.

About 13% commuters were unhappy with ticket booking facilities as newer variations like CVMs and ATVMs were mostly non-functional and coupons were unavailable at windows. "Another complaint was shortage of change at booking counters. Earlier, each window was provided with Rs 50 in change, now it will get Rs 300. It has also been proposed to install more `note to coin’ changer machines,” said chief PRO, S C Mudgerikar.

Cleanliness is a constant sore point. Officials said the frequency of washing and cleaning of rakes has been increased from once a month to once in 10 days and cleaning of train bogies from once a fortnight to daily.

More Action from railway Board Required.
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