Train derails: New totals coming on affected cars

Train derails: New totals coming on affected cars

As the National Transportation Safety Board continues to study Friday’s fatal train derailment, it’s updating information about the train cars involved.

Seventeen tanker cars derailed, a change from the initial report of 18 cars, spokesman Keith Holloway said today. It’s undetermined how many of the derailed cars actually contained ethanol, he said. Cherry Valley fire officials say 12 to 14 tankers caught fire in the incident, though they said it was hard to get an exact number at the scene. The NTSB said a final number will come up in its yearlong investigation.

The 114-car train contained 110 tankers and four other cars. Holloway said only 74 of the tankers had ethanol in them, but he couldn’t say where on the train the 36 empty tankers were.

Half of the train made it through safely, and those cars were moved away by the train’s two engines moments after the derailment. Cars on the back end were moved during cleanup, Holloway said.

When Will the Railway Board Initiate the Correct Actions.

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