WR, CR work on more legroom in new trains

WR, CR work on more legroom in new trains


MUMBAI: Coming as relief to thousands of first-class commuters, who have been complaining of lack of legroom between seats in the new

Siemens-MRVC rakes, both Central and Western railways have started modifying the seating arrangement to provide for more space.

With the railways being flooded with passengers’ complaining that they find it difficult to stand between seats and cannot even use the luggage racks, the CR has already completed work on one train. The WR will put the first modified rake on track within the next 10 days.

“More than 100 SMS complaint messages have come in since May 8. The WR has written to the integral coach factory to re-engineer the seating arrangement (seat design and material). The legroom has been increased by 6 inches,’’ said WR chief spokesperson S S Gupta. The height of the seats has also been increased to 16 inches.

The work is being conducted at the Mahalaxmi workshop. “Once the seats are rearranged, feedback will be sought from commuters on the modification. Based on their comments changes will be made to the other trains,’’ Gupta added. “Modification in each coach will cost Rs 2.5 lakh.’’

CR chief spokesperson S C Mudgerikar said the first modified rake has already been put on tracks on an experimental basis. The remaining 16 new trains will be modified and made fuctional in the next three months. “The problem has cropped up as the doors in the new rakes are wider. The seating is now realigned to give commuters more comfort without changing the door dimensions,’’ Mudgerikar said.

Article Source:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Mumbai/WR-CR-work-on-more-legroom-in-new-trains/articleshow/4660354.cms


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