Public opinion about the Cab ergonomics

Public opinion about the Cab ergonomics
IRFCA Guidelines:

Some letters posted in Indian Railway Fans Club Association is given below.

Hello all,

While we marvel at the MPS piloting by our IR LP brothers, we should also try to sympathize with them for the discomfort that they experience at these high speeds.

The other day, I was driving in our car at about 80 mph which is about 128 kmph – easily comparable to the MPS of many of our trains.

I rolled down the windows and immediately rolled them up as the wind was making things really uncomfortable on that hot summer’s afternoon.

The thought then occurred to me then that our LPs when they drive our trains at 130 kmph in all kinds of weather – 10 Celsius or 45 Celsius, sunny or the worst of storms – they are required to exchange signals with each SM and cabin of the stations they pass.

What discomfort they must be experiencing then?

Thanks guys, for giving us hours and hours of enjoyment while doing your duties rain or shine.



Dear Mr Uttam,

Your note. The sympathy is well placed.

At the same time, both in passenger/freight/express hauled
by WDM and WAP, WAG, let assure that the cabin temperature is not all that bad despite the outside weather conditions. And I have done this in the peak of summer and Winter in North, and also in temperate (humid) conditions in South.

The LPs and ALPs are quite at home, and very relaxed. When I did enquire about temperatures, they said you get used to it. And believe me, unlike the metalled roads, the weather on the *rail roads* are better. The windows on the locos do not push air in from outside, and the speed of the train rather, to my surprise, cools the air, when it comes in towards the rear end of the LP and the back of the ALP.

On long runs, they remind each other to drink water… and when halted at signals, they don’t even get down, except to stretch, and sometimes to pee.(at stations).

Their comfort level in terms of temperature is better than SL coaches, despite the multiple fans in each bay !! 🙂 They too now have fans directed at them, but I have not seen them switching them on. (I should be corrected).

BTW, they enjoy driving, and they are envious if someone crosses them at higher speed! Not because of higher grades or higher allowances.

I did hear some locos now have air-conditioning. Trying to locate them.


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