GSMR mobile communication betn drivers, guards & controllers in the control room 4 safety of passengers in NCRly


In order to ensure safety for passengers, the North Central Railway has started mobile train radio communication (MTRC) project. It would result in better communication between the drivers, guards and controllers in the control room.
The work on the project is going on in the New Delhi-Mughalsarai section of New Delhi-Howrah route. It is also being implemented in the Lucknow-Kanpur section of Northern Railway. The project is being handled by IRPMU (Indian railway project implementation unit).
MTRC would help in instant communication of train crew with control centre and station master. This will enable the maintenance staff and officers deputed at different locations to communicate instantly with each other, thereby enhancing the efficiency.
GSMR (global system mobile for railways) technology will be used in the system. Mobile towers are being installed across the railway tracks which would help in better communication between the drivers, guards and the section controllers.
GSM is a linear network, so directional antennas can be used to improve propagation characteristics. The important aspects of GSM are priority and pre-empt, voice group call service and voice broadcast service. The calls could be prioritised as per the priority. Any call with less priority will be pre-empt for allowing the more important caller to have access to the network. The voice group calls service (VGCS) provides communication among a group of drivers, guards, station masters and in case of emergencies, the controller or anyone assigned for the purpose.
Each and every point of track will be connected to activity centres. It would handle better post-disaster management. The system would help the maintenance staff working in block sections to seek direction from branch officers. This will ensure efficiency. Further, shunting operation can be better managed with the shunting team leader in contact with the station master. The controller can also monitor such operations directly.
From safety point of view, mobile train radio communication system can be used to forewarn drivers as well as the officials on the track. Besides, in case of any security problem, the security staff on patrol can immediately report to the security controller.
Priority and pre-empt facility will enable the driver, guard, station master to report without blocking the network. Calls with lower priority will be pre-empted.
Dispatchers at control stations will enable controllers to control the movement of trains in a more effective manner. The log of calls can be stored. Emergency calls will be routed faster, taking less than two seconds than other low priority calls which would take about 10 seconds.
The controller and the station master can also initiate group calls in a particular pre-defined area involving any group of drivers, guards or shunting teams. Communication with the controller will be location-based, that is a driver or guard can be connected to the section controller along the journey. This could be done through geographical demarcation of control sections.


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