Grant of Honorarium to Inquiry Officers and Presenting Officers

The rates of honorarium payable to the I0 /PO in the case of departmental inquiries were last revised in the case of serving Government employees functioning as part time IQ/PO and in the case of retired Govt Servants functioning as IO.
The existing rates of honorarium as prescribed in the aforesaid OMs was reviewed in consultation with the Ministry of Finance. As a result of review, it has been decided to revise the existing rates of the honorarium, payable, to I0/PO. The rates of honorarium as revised are indicated below.
Particulars Revised Rates
a) Inquiry Officer (Part time Serving Govt employees) Rs. 3000/-Maximum and 1500 /- Minimum.
b) Presenting Officer (Part time serving Govt employees) Rs.1500/maximum and 750 /- Minimum.
c) Retired Govt Servants as Rs.9750/ . (lumpsum) Plus Inquiry Officers 1500/- for every additional charge.

The grant of revised rates of honorarium as above will be subject to the same conditions stipulated previously. These orders will take effect from the date of issue and will also apply to inquiries in progress.

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