No raise in retirement age of Central govt employees: Cabinet Secretary

          Putting an end to speculation that the retirement age of Central government employees will be raised, the Centre has made it clear that it has no plans to raise the age for superannuation.
          "No, there is no such plan. There is no thinking at all. The status quo will continue," Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar said when asked whether there is any move in this regard.
Currently, the retirement age of Central government employees is 60 years.
          Chandrasekhar said there have been rumours that it would be raised but it was nothing but a "wishful thinking".
          "I tried to find out. But there is no file in (Department of) Expenditure, no file in DoPT (Department of Personnel and Training). There is nothing. It is more of a wishful thinking," he said in an interview.
         The Cabinet Secretary also said the government has no plans to bring an uniformity in the retirement age among the state government employees.
          "The states will decide their own retirement age," he said.
           All states have their own retirement age — starting from 55 years (Kerala) to 60 years (Uttar Pradesh, Assam etc). The Madhya Pradesh government teachers retire at the age of 62 years.
Source : Zee News.

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