List of Demands made by AIRF to be Included in Railway Budget

No.AIRF/60(383)                                        Dated: February 4, 2010

Hon’ble Minister for Railways,
(Government of India )
Ministry of Railways,
Rail Bhawan,
New Delhi

Respected Madam,

Sub: Rail Budget

             All India Railwaymen’s Federation(established in the year 1924), having membership of more than 10 lakh, hopes that the ensuing Rail Budget will definitely bring cheers to the rail users as well as the Railwaymen. We look forward and hope that the following demands of AIRF will also be included in the Rail Budget.
1. Education Assistance to the wards of the Railwaymen beyond 12th class
The Railwaymen are quite happy because of introduction of Rs.1200/- p.m. as Education Assistance for girl child of Group `D’ staff. It would be appreciated if the said benefit is extended to all Group `C’ employees and male child too for education beyond 12th class. This will help to improve the educational standard of the wards of the Railwaymen.
2. Enhancement of funds under CSBF
The Railwaymen are quite happy because of enhancement of per capita in CSBF to Rs.350. But we have visualized that this amount falls short and insufficient to cater the important scheme run for the welfare of the staff and their family members. AIRF, therefore, requests for the enhancement of per capita in CSBF to minimum Rs.500/-.
3. Maintenance of Railway quarters
As you are aware, the Railwaymen are working round the clock all the 365 days in all weathers. They definitely need better environment and rest at their residence. Somehow, it has been observed that the residential accommodation provided to the Railwaymen is inadequate as well as in dilapidated condition. AIRF has many a times requested for adequate fund for improving conditions of the Railway quarters. We have also negotiated for Maintenance Allowance which is also pending. AIRF, therefore, suggests that sufficient fund should be provided in the Rail Budget for proper maintenance/ Maintenance Allowance of the Railway quarters.
4. Setting-up of ITIs, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics etc.
It has been visualized by us that the wards of the Railwaymen usually suffer because of lack of educational facilities. We, therefore, suggest to establish ITIs, Engineering Colleges , Polytechnic etc. to impart professional knowledge to the wards of the Railway employees to enable them to stand on strong footings in the open market.
5. Medical facilities to Railway employees and their families
Railway employees were getting best medical treatment up till a few years back, but now it has been found that the Railway hospitals themselves have gone sick in the absence of adequate Railway doctors as well as paramedical staff. AIRF has many a times requested for providing quality treatment, standard medicines and better health services. AIRF also demands to make RELHS Scheme open-ended besides providing sufficient Fixed Medical Allowance to those staff who are unable to take the benefit of Indoor/Outdoor treatment in Railway Hospitals because of their posting at far off places.
6. Modernization of the workshops/sheds
For the efficiency and more productivity, it has become essential that the workshops and old sheds should be modernized, for which sufficient budget is required.
7. Provision of modernized camp coaches for Track Machine Staff
AIRF also demands that the Track Machine staff, deployed for track maintenance, are living in very depleted and shabby camp coaches in very hard conditions and for months together to keep the main arteries of our Railway System, i.e. Railway track into perfect condition. AIRF demands that they should get modernized camp coaches so that Railway staff doing yeoman’s service for maintaining Railway tracks could get better resting facilities.
8. Recruitment of Substitutes to fill-up huge number of vacancies of supporting staff
AIRF is quite worried about the accidents taking place on the Indian Railways and suggests that all the vacancies should be filled-up by reverting back to old and trusted
system of engagement of Substitutes for better operation and maintenance of Railway System, particularly in Grade Pay of Rs.1800.
9. Absorption of quasi-administrative office staff in the Railways
Railways earned laurels when it offered regularization of Licensed Porters(Coolies) as Trackman in the Railways. By and large they also accepted it happily. To run the Railways smoothly, there are few hundred quasi-administrative staff available on the Indian Railways. AIRF demands for their absorption in the Railways to avoid their exploitation which will also help to strengthen the Railway System.
10. Bringing back the outsourced activities to the Railways
To run the Railways safe, it has become necessary that the works outsourced to private parties should be brought back to the Railways and done departmentally.
11. Provision of Uniform and Washing Allowance to all the Railwaymen
All the Railwaymen should be provided quality uniform as well as Washing Allowance, and for that, sufficient budget needs to be provided.
12. Provision of Rest Houses/Holiday Homes, Barat Ghars/Community Halls, Institutes etc.
AIRF has many a times raised the issue of provision of Rest Houses/Holiday Homes, Barat Ghars/Community Halls, Institutes etc. for Group `C’ staff and hopes that sufficient budget will be provided for the construction of new Rest Houses/Holiday Homes, Barat Ghars/Community Halls, Institutes and their improvement and proper upkeep.
13. Public Private Participation
Though AIRF always supported the idea that without infrastructural development of the Indian Railways, there cannot be all round development of the country. At the same time, it is a history that no private partnership so far has been successful in the Indian Railways. Rather, wheresover they have been allowed to work, they have not only exploited the system and the users but also the workers and that is the one reason we opposed PPP. Though we understand, financial crunch, the best option, will be to put pressure of the Government of India to provide sufficient funds for infrastructure development and to complete the project of the Indian Railways

                                                                      Yours faithfully,
                                                                 (Shiva Gopal Mishra)
                                                                    General Secretary

Copy to: Shri Gautam Sanyal, OSD/MR – for information and necessary action please.
Copy to: Shri Samar Jha, Addl. Member(Budget), Railway Board – for information and necessary action please.


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