AIRF demanded to revise Overtime Allowance effective from 01.01.2006 and arrears to be paid accordingly

No.AIRF/97(IX)                       Dated: February 19, 2010

The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Grant of Overtime Allowance to the Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scales and allowances

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No.PC-V/2008/A/O/3(OTA) dated 17.02.2010

Please refer to para 3 of the above cited letter of the Railway Board, wherein revised rates of Overtime Allowance have been shown as 01.09.2008 instead of 01.01.2006.
In this connection para 5 of Railway Board’s earlier orders, issued vide their letter No.PC-V/97/I/7/17 dated 09.02.1998, is produced hereunder-
“The Allowance forming part of the computation of emoluments as clarified above may be taken into consideration with effect from the dates and at the rates, notified from time to time.”
The Board are requested to issue revised orders making Overtime Allowance effective from 01.01.2006 instead of 01.09.2008.

                                                                  Yours faithfully,

                                                                  (Rakhal Das Gupta)
Working President

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated unions – for information.


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