Fixation of pay of Loco Inspectors – AIRF PNM

Shri J. R. Bhosale, Treasure/AIRF raised following items in AIRF PNM

  • No instructions have been issued from the Railway Board in case of running staff as to how they can be posted in the stationary posts. Orders should go to the Railways to this effect.
  • He stated that anomaly has been done in fixation of pay of Loco Inspectors.
  • Long absent vacancies should be filled-up immediately.
  • Medical invalidated retired railway employees are being debarred from the medical facilities. They should be allowed medical facilities till they join RELHS.
  • Inordinate delay has taken place in providing compassionate ground appointment to the wards of 42 railway employees. The matter should be resolved early.
  • He requested the Official Side to increase the amount for purchasing shoes to Gangmen.
  • He also raised the issue of passes to Group `D‟ staff.
  • He suggested that Raincoats to Gangmen should be in two pieces so that it is easy to wear and Gangman will not find any difficulty while working.

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