Konkan Rly. Corporation Union’s Election – a smashing defeat to rival Unions

Konkan Railway Corporation

Union’s Election –

a smashing defeat to rival Unions

Again after two terms the election to decide the strength of the Unions was held on KRCL on 11th March 2010 for the 3rd time,  NRMU was in the field with its cadre for a show down with the other two Unions  namely Konkan Railway Corporation Employees’ Union (KRCEU) and Konkan Railway  Kamgar Sena (KRKS) which had  contested  the elections in the year 2005 and 2007 and had been defeated. This time they planned in a big way. Vehicles, cars, scooters, buses etc. moved over every  nook & corner of the KRCL..  Pamphlets, cutouts, hoardings, media publicity  with all dirty and distorted  informations in abusive languages, flooded  the entire net work of KRCL. Propaganda meetings and campaigns were endless even ignoring the restriction period. Many unethical and objectionable methods were adopted.

The NRMU did its campaign as usual in a systematic and disciplined manner. The activists moved every where, issued handbills and posters (no hoardings, cutouts ) apprised the employees about their efforts and achievements and sought their valuable votes for the Union. They were confident that the employees were enlightened and they would  not let down a  Union which has a  historic background of endless struggles for the cause of  the workers, sacrifices and achievements. This was proved when  the counting of votes was completed and the result was declared by  the officials of Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner, Maharashtra on 13-3-2010 at 2-00 p.m.  that the NRMU had won  and the other two had lost the battle. The KRKS which was boasting that  it would   wipe out  NRMU, secured only 476 votes, just  1/10 of the votes polled. NRMU activists and KRCL employees immediately assembled in the compound of Regional Railway Manager’s Compound, Ratnagiri and celebrated the Union’s victory. Com. P.R. Menon, Genl. Secretary addressed the gathering first,  followed by Com. Y.G. Joshi, President, Kumar Ghosalkar, Divisional Secretary, KRCL, Com. Krishnakumar Sheth, Vice President, KRCL and Joe D’Souza, Asst. Genl. Secretary NRMU and heartily congratulated the employees for voting for NRMU and the activists who had  worked tirelessly. The gathering then  dispersed   shouting  slogans “NRMU Zindabad, AIRF Zindabad, Inquilab Zindabad, Mazdoor Ekta Zindabad, Lal Jhanda Zindabad”. The result was loud and clear  that the employees of KRCL were for  NRMU & AIRF and not for disrupters and regionalists.


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