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Com. S.G. Mishra urged that Guards be given due representation during All India Running Staff Conference on 09-05-2010(Mumbai-CR).

Com. S.G. Mishra urged that Guards be given due representation during

All India Running Staff Conference on 09-05-2010(Mumbai-CR)

Com. S.G. Mishra urged that Guards be given due representation during All India Running Staff Conference on 09-05-2010(Mumbai-CR)

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LATEST ON PASS ISSUE: Updated on 29/04/10

LATEST ON PASS ISSUE: Updated on 29/04/10

General Secretary/AIRF Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra has again taken a tough stand on the pass issue, after Railway Board took a complete U-turn from earlier negotiations. Railway Board wants to put barrier on entry grade for the entitlement of 2AC and 3AC passes, new proposal has outrightly been rejected by AIRF.


No.AIRF/82                                               Dated: April 28, 2010

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,
Dear Coms.,

Sub: Entitlement of Privilege Pass and other burning issue

Yesterday, i.e. on 27th April, 2010, while meeting the Member Staff, Railway Board, I again raised the issue of Asstt. Loco Pilot, for whom orders of 20:80(GP Rs.1900: 2400) have not yet been issued by the Railway Board in spite of our continuous persuasions with the Railway Board. The Member Staff promised that orders to this effect would be issued in a couple of days.
I also shown our anguish over the inordinate delay in finalizing the issues of entitlement of Privilege Pass, Classification of posts as “Selection/Non-Selection”, revision of designations, MACP Scheme, Anomalies, Income Tax, recruitment of wards of Railway employees, non-issuance of orders for Liberalized Safety Related Retirement Scheme, filling of vacancies, creation of additional posts for additional workload, stopping of surrendering posts, reduction in duty hours by appointing High Powered Committee as was agreed, arrears of Running Allowance, etc.
The Member Staff directed the Adviser(IR), Railway Board, to immediately hold dialogue with the Federation on the issue of entitlement of Privilege Pass.
Today, 28th April, a meeting was organized by Shri Amitabh Khare, Member, Human Resource Reforms Committee, Railway Board, to brief us about the status of issue of entitlement of Privilege Pass, which was also attended by Shri Rakhal Das Gupta, Working President AIRF along with me.

It is most shocking that the Railway Board want to take U-Turn from the earlier negotiation and now want to put a barrier of entry grade for the entitlement of 2 AC and 3 AC passes, e.g. they have suggested that the staff who have joined Railways between 1.2.1999 and 1.9.2008 will be made eligible to avail the facility of 2 AC Pass after reaching pay in Pay Band at Rs.14140 in GP Rs.4200. No doubt, Railway Board have proposed 3 AC Pass to all the staff with Grade Pay of Rs.4200, right from their entry in Grade Pay of Rs.4200, they have also proposed 3 AC Pass to those employees who are in GP of Rs.2800 after 22 increments, i.e. pay in PB at Rs.13490.
As all of you aware, during earlier meetings with the Adviser(IR), Railway Board, on the issue of entitlement of Privilege Pass, Railway Board had agreed that all the employees working in GP of Rs.4200 will be entitled for 2 AC Pass and those who are in GP of Rs.2800, they will be considered for 3 AC Pass. It is, however, agreed by the Railway Board that the privilege already availed by the Railwaymen will continue.
The above is a breach of trust and, therefore, we have categorically rejected the proposal of the Railway Board.
Hope, a formal meeting will be held shortly when we will represent our case at the highest level.
In view of above-mentioned circumstances, the issue of Pass should also be included as an item for “All India Protest Day – 26th May”, for which, I hope, you have started brisk preparations.

Yours fraternally,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

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Restructuring of cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots 80% SrALP 2400 and 20% ALP 1900 GrPay

 All out efforts of Com. S.G. Mishra has brought out sweet rewards for the Cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots. Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra has wished all Railwaymen success and called restructuring of cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots as gift on the eve of MAY DAY.

Restructuring of cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots  80%

Restructuring of cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots  80%

Restructuring of cadre of Asstt. Loco Pilots  80%

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Check Price Rise not Dearness Allowance?

Check Price Rise not Dearness Allowance?

After announcement of 8% D.A. to Central Govt. employees, few days back, great hue & cry as visible in the capitalist oriented media both Audio and Video. News papers started criticizing grant of D.A. to employees. Capitalist well-wishers started appearing on the Televisions condemning the announcement with rhetoric of likely impact on prices and consequential mismanagement of economy.

On this occasion some reputed T.V. channels also approached me and asked about my reactions on the announcement of grant of 8% D.A. My simple response was – “Although Price-rise is heavy, yet whatever has been given by the Govt., is welcome”. Instantaneously burst the 2nd question “You are the ardent well wisher of unorganized sector labour, will this consequential price rise will not affect their lives?” I replied in affirmative but owing to this phenomenon, why should Central Govt. Employees, Rail employees, State Govt. employees who have fought for non-freezing of Dearness Allowance be denied their hard fought right.

Media persons again asked me about the solution of this problem. I replied that there exists only solution which is to check-the price-rise.

Comrades, you are well aware that even after so much of constant struggle “fair-wages” are a dream for Govt. employees only Dearness Allowance are a source of some relief to employees and also a source of stomach ache to capitalists. Govt. is helpless in controlling price-rise and capitalists only show a lip-deep sympathy to unorganized labour sector. In fact their empires are the product of labour exploitation by capitalists. They know it, 40% citizenry of the country is deprived of even two times simple meal. Govt. sponsored Commission headed by Sh. Arjun Sen Gupta’s reports that the earning capacity of 40% people is less than Rs. 20/- per day. The statistics released by Tendulkar Committee in respect of “Below Poverty Line” population has also presented horrible condition for every thinker of the country, Central and State Governments are in a fix.

We on our part have always been with unorganized sector labours and wish them to make “Organized”, to free them from exploitation, to implement Labour Laws for them and they should also be compensated with Dearness Allowance at par with organized sector. In reality the actual enemies of unorganized sector labour are those who are shedding crocodile tears for them and have done nothing but indulging in self-promotion games constantly roaming in the corridors of power.

Friends ! We, on our part should not care for what these sycophant’s state instead, we should intensify our struggle which is possible only if we take these unorganized sector people with us. Perhaps this will be the fittest tribute to our martyrs on coming May Day.

Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra

(General Secy./AIRF)

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Criminal Charges Against IAS / IPS Officers

Criminal Charges Against IAS / IPS Officers

The number of IAS and IPS officers facing trial on the Criminal charges in CBI cases as on 31.3.2010 are as under :

IAS : 84

IPS : 33

AS on 31.3.2010, the number of cases being investigated against IAS and IPS officers by CBI are as under :

IAS : 21

IPS : 6

As on 31.3.2010 the number of IAS & IPS officers against whom cases under PC at are being investigated by CBI are as under :

IAS : 15

IPS : 1

Government have taken several steps to restore the public confidence in the IAS & IPS. These inter-alia, include, speedy trial of corruption cases through setting up of Special CBI Courts, conducting disciplinary proceedings against the delinquent officers in a time bound manner, inculcating appropriate values, introducing mid-career mandatory training programme for IAS officers, recognizing and rewarding the good performers by instituting the PM’s awards of excellence etc.

This information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Shri Prithviraj Chavan in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha.

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Salient features of ‘Yuva Trains’ finalized

The Ministry of Railways has finalized the salient features of the first ever ‘Yuva Trains’ which are targeted mainly for the unemployed youths of the country. These new class of trains are to be introduced soon. Initially two separate weekly trains will be introduced as a pilot service between Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Kolkata. If successful it will be extended to other areas of the country.
The Minister of Railways, Kumari Mamata Banerjee in her Railway Budget 2009-10 speech has announced as under about these trains:- “The young generation is our asset and we are proud of them. Due to economic difficulties poor youth are not able to travel on our trains. I will run “Yuva Trains” dedicated specially for the young generation. These trains will be introduced between major cities to ensure that the youth and low income groups can travel at low rates between these cities. The new low-priced fast train service will be started to connect youth in rural hinterlands to major metros/cities.”
The total chargeable fare for Yuva passengers inclusive of all other charges like Reservation Fee, Superfast Train Charge and Development Charge would not exceed Rs.299/- up to a distance of 1500 kms and Rs. 399/- for distance beyond 1500 up to 2500 kms. Minimum distance for charge will be 100 kms for both Yuva and Non-Yuva passengers. Children of 5 years and above but below 12 years will continue to be charged half fare.
The ‘Yuva Train’ fares will be applicable to unemployed persons between the age group of 15 to 45 years who fulfill the criteria of Yuva to be ascertained on the basis of Certificate issued under National Rural Employment Guarantee (NREGA) and valid Registration card issued by a Government run Employment Exchange. Tickets will be issued on production of original of any of the above certificates at the counter, a photocopy of which should be retained along with reservation requisition as in the case of other concessions. Tatkal scheme would not be applicable in ‘Yuva Trains’.
In case the above certificates do not specify age, an age certificate like Identity Card, Ration Card, Driving License., Pass Port, educational Certificate, Certificate from Local Bodies like Panchayat/Corporation/Municipality or any other authentic and recognized document on which date of birth is recorded, must also be carried in original.
Initially, 60 per cent of the total number of coaches will be earmarked for ‘Yuva’ category. The remaining will be earmarked for general passengers (non-Yuva). This will be reviewed after 6 months of introduction of trains. Normal cancellation rules will be applicable for the train. The detailed guidelines about the reservation procedures have been communicated to Zonal Railways.

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Hon’ble MR has sanctioned an award of Rs. 30,000 each to Loco Pilot R.K. Singh and Co-Pilot A.K.Khalku, HQ- Gomoh and 20,000/- to the Guard Shri. R Minj

Railway Minister announces special award to crew members of Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani which derailed near Gaya

While train no. 2443 BBS-NDLS Rajdhani Express was on run its train engine and 10 coaches derailed on the Gaya-Mughalsarai section of ECR due to Bomb blast at 23.55 hrs on 22.3.2010.
Some of the Railway staff including crew members who were working this train showed exemplary devotion to duty by exercising vigilance and alertness and applied emergency brakes as soon as the bomb blast occurred. This helped in reducing the extent of damage to the train and injuries to passengers. Earlier the crew members had controlled the speed of the train and were running cautiously at 75 kmph during its run as was advised to them in view of security reasons. The Train Supdt. (TS) advised the passengers that relief and rescue would be immediately made available; he thus prevented any panic in the passengers. He also organized the transshipment of about 462 passengers of the Rajdhani Express to the relief special train.
Hon’ble MR has sanctioned an award of Rs. 30,000 each to the 2 loco pilots/(Loco Pilot and Co-Pilot) and 20,000/- each to the Guard and the Train superintendent for displaying utmost devotion to duty even in the face of adverse situation.
The names of the Crew members and of the Train Superintendent are:-
(i) Loco Pilot; R.K. Singh, Hqrs Gomoh
(ii) Co-Pilot; A.K.Khalku, Hqrs Gomoh
(iii) Guard; R.Minj, Hqrs Gomoh
(iv) Train Supdt; A.C. Ojha, Hqrs N. Delhi.

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Status of Rail Bridges Declared Dangerous

Status of Rail Bridges Declared Dangerous

Railway Safety Review Committee had indicated that there are 262 distressed bridges over Indian Railways as on April 1, 1999 and priority be given to early rehabilitation/ rebuilding/ strengthening of these distressed bridges.
Out of these 262 distressed bridges identified by Railway Safety Review Committee (Part I) 1998, a total number of 256 distressed bridges have been rehabilitated/ rebuilt/ strengthened upto March 31, 2010. Out of remaining 6 railway bridges, 5 bridges are expected to be completed during 2010-11 and remaining 1 bridge by 2012.
This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

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Facilities to Minorities in Railway Service

Facilities to Minorities in Railway Service

The details of concession and facilities being given to the Minority Communities in Railway services are as under :

  • For Railway recruitments no examinations fee is required to be deposited by the candidates belonging to minority community, SC, ST, Women and economically backward class having annual family income of less than Rs. 50,000/-.
  • No competitive examination shall be conducted on the days of Community festivals.
  • One member belonging to minority community is also included in the Selection Boards/Committees for recruitment.
    Zonal Railways/Production Units have been directed to publicize the above facilities and concessions available to the minorities.
    This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

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Access to e-mails soon on trains

Access to e-mails soon on trains

New Delhi, 11 April: Staying connected to your favourite social networking site on a train journey could soon become a reality if the Railways have their way.

As part of the drive to offer new infotainment solutions, the PSU behemoth is exploring the possibility of providing access to a passenger’s e-mail or twitter account, shopping channel or an auction site through a touch-screen based computer unit.

The Research Design and Standards Organisation is understood to be working on the technology, the idea of which was originally floated by an expert committee of the Railways.
The service could be available in flagship trains like Shatabdi Express with shorter daytime journey, having mostly business-class passengers.

“The computer units could be placed behind the seats much like what we have in aircraft, which could also double up as a movie screen,” the source said. So, in addition to twitting or accessing your Facebook or Orkut account, you could also have the choice of placing your order for lunch or dinner over computer. “You could also log on to on-train freight capacity auction site ~ helping businessmen bid for parcel and freight wagon capacity in real time,” a source said. PTI

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