Case Study

From: Skumar

To: buddhadeb chakrabarti

Subject: Re: Arrears & fixation as per 6cpc.

Your Pay fixation will be as follows:

01.01.2006   5250= 11120+2800= 13920

01.03.2006    same (Item already raised by AIRF in

                      anomaly committee and is

                      under consideration after

                      letter from Rly Bd you will

                      get one more increment)

01.07.2006  13920+420 (3%)= 14340

01.09.2006  14340+430(3%)-2800+4200= 16170  Sr Gds Promotion

01.07.2007  16660

01.07.2008 17160

01.07.2009 17680

From: buddhadeb chakrabarti

Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 9:32 AM


Subject: Arrears & fixation as per 6cpc.


    I am a sr. goods guard working EMU trains at SDAH division.My basic was 5250 on 01.01.06 (4500-7000) as goods guard with increment date 01 March. I was promoted on 29.9.06 to Sr.goods guard (5000-8000) and opted 01.3.07 for the effect of it.Please help me calculating my due arrears and pay fixation as per 6 cpc.(Basic on 01.3.06 was 5375).

buddhadeb chakrabarti


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