Hon’ble MR has sanctioned an award of Rs. 30,000 each to Loco Pilot R.K. Singh and Co-Pilot A.K.Khalku, HQ- Gomoh and 20,000/- to the Guard Shri. R Minj

Railway Minister announces special award to crew members of Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani which derailed near Gaya

While train no. 2443 BBS-NDLS Rajdhani Express was on run its train engine and 10 coaches derailed on the Gaya-Mughalsarai section of ECR due to Bomb blast at 23.55 hrs on 22.3.2010.
Some of the Railway staff including crew members who were working this train showed exemplary devotion to duty by exercising vigilance and alertness and applied emergency brakes as soon as the bomb blast occurred. This helped in reducing the extent of damage to the train and injuries to passengers. Earlier the crew members had controlled the speed of the train and were running cautiously at 75 kmph during its run as was advised to them in view of security reasons. The Train Supdt. (TS) advised the passengers that relief and rescue would be immediately made available; he thus prevented any panic in the passengers. He also organized the transshipment of about 462 passengers of the Rajdhani Express to the relief special train.
Hon’ble MR has sanctioned an award of Rs. 30,000 each to the 2 loco pilots/(Loco Pilot and Co-Pilot) and 20,000/- each to the Guard and the Train superintendent for displaying utmost devotion to duty even in the face of adverse situation.
The names of the Crew members and of the Train Superintendent are:-
(i) Loco Pilot; R.K. Singh, Hqrs Gomoh
(ii) Co-Pilot; A.K.Khalku, Hqrs Gomoh
(iii) Guard; R.Minj, Hqrs Gomoh
(iv) Train Supdt; A.C. Ojha, Hqrs N. Delhi.

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