Guaranteed Service for wards of Rly Staff

Rly.Bd. has issued Scheme Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety staff (LARSGESS) with GP 1800 through RBE No.131/2010

Guaranteed Service for wards Pman Khlasi Hlpr safety staff Retirement Scheme Age reduced to 50-57 & Max Service 20yrs(for Drivers no change)

Down Load Rly Board’s Order

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  1. 1

    Loco Pilot said,

    This can called again cheating with running staff.,

  2. 2

    SKD said,

    my father is Eng. Dpt. Gang Mate kya uske ladke ko nokari mil sakti h

  3. 3

    Skumar said,

    Dear SKD,Yes you will get jobif your father's grade pay is Rs1800and valid service is 20 yearsWITH AGE GROUP 50 to 57 yearsMoreover you have to fullfill all criteria required for direct recruits

  4. 4

    ishwar said,

    dear sirmy father is a gateman in engg.department and his age is 56 years comleted and his 29 years complete.and his appointment date is 9/6/1981.kya muje job mil sakti h

  5. 5

    Skumar said,

    Dear ishwer,Yes you will get jobif your father's grade pay is Rs. 1800 (MACP 1900,2000,2400)Moreover you have to fullfill all criteria required for direct recruits.

  6. 6

    ishwar said,

    dear sir,I wants to know that vrs forms when and where available and this prosess when will be started.ishwar singhthanks

  7. 7

    Skumar said,

    Dear ishwar singh,no need of forms. Apply on A4 paper with full biodata of both Employee & his ward (son, daughter) to concern Sr.DPO

  8. 8

    ganeshreddi said,

    my fathar age 55years,date of birth-10-06-1955,date of appoinment-1-12-1982,department-signal grade-esm/c &recently promotion esm/c total 24years helper services ,my father medicaly unfit some other problems. kya muje job mil sakti h

  9. 9

    Skumar said,

    Dear Ganesh Reddy,there are two schemes 1)LARSGESS If your father promoted in MACP scheme then you are eligible2)Medical Unfit/De-Categarise scheme But your father has crossed 55 years max age limit hence you may not be considered in this second scheme. If your father directed for PME before attaining age of 55, found unfit & decategarised to lower medical categary, then you will be considered. Ask your father not to accept any alternate job and apply for voluntary retirement. Then you will get appointment in Rly Gr D.S.M.Lokhande09420703174

  10. 10

    umesh j. choudhari said,

    my name is umesh my father’s age is 56 years & he is working in gangman but he is medical unfit so can i apply for vrs scheme ?

  11. 11

    amul said,

    My father working in railwys in SR trackman and 2006 he had accident at the time of his duty in railways after that he medicaly unfit …. now his working colony ganemate age is 56 …… at presnt he cant wrk so can i get the job?

  12. 12

    sir i failed in PET under largegess scheme of pointsman A2 category …in this scheme can i apply re medical for other category…

  13. 13

    Nitun Magar said,

    Dear Sirmy father is Eng.Dpt.Mate gp.2400 Kya Larsgass Scheme Milsaktih

  14. 14

    a. h. mansuri said,

    Scr division me largess chalu hai to wr mumbai division me kyo band rakha hai kya court ka chukads 10 sall bad aayega to 10 sall bad retayerment ko lega kya hr bar wr mumbai divisiin me jayada kayda padta hai officer log aur dusre me division me kyo kayda badta nhi…

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