Fw: Where is Rs.1?

S . M Lokhande


Subject: Where is Rs.1?
To: All


Where is Rs.1?????

If you are genius then solve it…….. its challenge…

3 Dost Khana Khane ke liye Hotel me gaye,
Khana khane ke baad waiter ne bill diya,
bill ki amount Rs.75 thi…
sabhi dost ne apne hisse ke Rs. 25 de diye

waiter ne 75 rs. lekar counter par diya..
counter wale ne 5 rs. wapis kiya (discount) and 70 rakh liya..
us 5 rs. me se waiter ne 2 rupye rakh liye aur baki ke 3 rupiya customer ko de diye..

is hisab se wo 3 dost ko khana 24-24-24 rupyo me pada..
aur 24+24+24 = 72 and 2 waiter wale 72+2=74….

then where is Rs 1/-….??????

Strange naa??????????

Solve it….

Dilip Somaiya


Where is Rs.1?????


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  1. 1

    Anks said,

    Estimated Bill Rs.75/- Discount Rs.5/- Waiter Rs.2/-Net Discount Rs.3/-Net Bill Rs.70/- Waiter Rs.2/- Total Net Bill Rs.72/- Bill per head (24×3) including waiter’s tip, no need to add againNet Discount Rs.3/- Answer Rs.75/-

  2. 2

    Skumar said,

    Very Good Anks.You are correct.

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