Review of the Driver/Guard’s Line Box

No.AIRF/60(Sub-committee)                    Dated: October 21, 2010

The Secretary (E),

Railway Board,

New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Review of the Driver/Guard’s Line Box

Ref: Director, Mech. Engg.(Traction), Railway Board’s letter No.2009/M(L)/467/1

dated 26.8.2010

The proposal of the Railway Board to replace Driver/Guard’s Line Box with Bag/Briefcase is not acceptable to AIRF on the following grounds:-

(i) In many places, especially in respect of working of Goods Trains, “handing over” and “taking over” takes place in Traffic Yards and somewhere. There may be crossing of 3/4 or even more occupied lines and no regular pathway is provided.

(ii) Handing over and taken over goods train is generally done in yard. In most of the yards, even two wheeler vehicles cannot move. Sometimes Guards are to cross one or two trains laying in the yard to pick-up his own schedule train. It is quite impossible to carry with about 15 kg weights to pick-up train after picking up document from SM/YM’s office after signing on duty. At some places, taking over point is located at a far off distance from “signing on” point and Driver/Guard will have to carry the equipment on his shoulder.

(iii) Quarters and Running Rooms are not provided just adjacent to the “Taking Over” and “Making Over” points or even stations in case of Passenger, Mail and Express trains.

(iv) In torrential rain and biting winter and scorching sun, it is quite possible to carry such heavy luggage from quarter/home/running room and vice versa.

(v) In terrorist infested area, like N.E. Region, carrying detonator in Open Street is not permitted. This will be a matter of harassment on way by the Police and Paramilitary forces.

(vi) One is not supposed to carry his official equipments from his house/from a point to another on his shoulder, especially when there is considerable distance.

(vii) For carrying files, Bungalow Peons are engaged for JA and above grade officers, why a fairly senior group `C’ staff shall carry such load of about 15 kg all the way from his quarter/home/running room.

In this connection, it may be pointed out that AIRF had taken-up the issue with the Railway Board vide PNM Item No.39/2003, wherein it was agreed that the system of transportation of drivers personal store may be decided by General Manager of Zonal Railways in consultation with recognized unions. The proposal, if implemented unilaterally, will have psychological and mental impacts on the Drivers/Guards, being not liked by them. Running staff are very much against this proposal of the Railway Board, and if given shape, it will be resisted by them.

In this context, is also pertinent to mention that –

(i) Driver/Guard Box is kept in a cubical provided on the platform and as per revised procedure, he has to carry box to his home/running room. He has also carries his own clothes, shoes etc. including his own ration for cooking, tiffin carrier, water bottle (while going outstation).

(ii) These along with Briefcase shall weight more than 15 kg. It is not possible him to carry 15 kg to his quarter/home/running room and vice versa.

(iii) While checking train at the originating station, especially at an intermediate station where TXR is not provided, the Box Porter will have to lift heavy bag on his shoulder.

(iv) Driver/Guard will be compelled to carry such a heavy load while performing their duties. AIRF, therefore, does not agree to the proposal of the Railway Board to replace line Box of Loco Pilot/Guard as well as surrendering of posts of Box Porter.

Yours faithfully,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

General Secretary

Copy to: General Secretary, N.F.I.R., 3 Chelmsford Road, New Delhi – for information.

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated zonal unions – for information.

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