Supply of branded quality cloth for uniform and payment of Stitching Charges and costs of Protective Garments

No.AIRF/32                                         Dated: November 12, 2010

The Member Mechanical,
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Kind Attn: Shri Sanjeev Handa, Member Mechanical, Railway Board

Dear Sir,

Sub: Supply of branded quality cloth for uniform and payment of Stitching Charges and costs of Protective Garments

                   AIRF has time and again raised this issue with the Railway Board in various Negotiating Fora, i.e. Railway Board PNM and DC/JCM vide regular agenda items No.16/2005 and 17/2010 (photocopy enclosed) respectively.
                  While Railways have been spending huge amount of money on the uniforms and protective garments being supplied to the Railwaymen, but the users are not being actually benefitted out of it. It is noticed that even protective garments, such as shoes, gloves, dangry etc. are not supplied as per the stipulated specifications, though it is always claimed by the Railway administrations that the same are of proper quality. The uniforms supplied to the Railwaymen in general and to the Trackmen or to the running staff in particular are of very poor quality and the woolen clothing supplied to them are of worst quality.
                  It would, therefore, be quite appropriate that the branded quality cloth for the uniform and protective garments as per the standard specifications and Stitching Charges should be paid to all the eligible Railway employees.
An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

DA/As above

DC/JCM Item No.17/2010
Sub: Supply of branded quality cloth for the purpose of uniform to Railway employees
               The Railway Board vide their letter No.E(W) 2005/UN1/3 dated 24.04.2007 have issued instructions to the General Managers etc. of the Indian Railways to ensure supply of improved quality cloth to the Railwaymen. The reality in the field is that, quality cloth is not supplied to the Railway employees, resulting in their pride gets lowered.
              Railway Board should appreciate that the Railwaymen/women in uniform should appear in such a manner that dignity/image of the Railways should get enhanced.
                 Staff Side, therefore, suggests that branded cloth, i.e. Raymond, Vimal, etc. may be approved to be supplied to Railway employees, enabling them to use the same and appear on duty as dignified Railway staff.

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