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Access to e-mails soon on trains

Access to e-mails soon on trains

New Delhi, 11 April: Staying connected to your favourite social networking site on a train journey could soon become a reality if the Railways have their way.

As part of the drive to offer new infotainment solutions, the PSU behemoth is exploring the possibility of providing access to a passenger’s e-mail or twitter account, shopping channel or an auction site through a touch-screen based computer unit.

The Research Design and Standards Organisation is understood to be working on the technology, the idea of which was originally floated by an expert committee of the Railways.
The service could be available in flagship trains like Shatabdi Express with shorter daytime journey, having mostly business-class passengers.

“The computer units could be placed behind the seats much like what we have in aircraft, which could also double up as a movie screen,” the source said. So, in addition to twitting or accessing your Facebook or Orkut account, you could also have the choice of placing your order for lunch or dinner over computer. “You could also log on to on-train freight capacity auction site ~ helping businessmen bid for parcel and freight wagon capacity in real time,” a source said. PTI

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