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Railway Large Vacancies- Safety is with grace of God

Neeraj Shrivastava
Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 10:37 pm

In my section there is about 33% Gang Men vacancies at present. I have prepared age profile of working Gang Men, more than 33% gang Men are in age group of 55-60 Years & more than 85% Gang Men are in age group of 45-60 Years, only 15 % Gang Men are less than 45 Years in age group.
While round the year patrolling is being carried out, cold weather patrolling form October To March (For CC+6+2 route, Cold weather patrolling is being done below temperature Td-20), then Hot weather Patrolling 2 Months & then Monsoon Patrolling 4 months.
Due to Patrolling & vacancies & old aged Gang Men maintenance work is suffering very badly.
I think this position more or less is same in all railways, but vacancies are not filled very fast.
Situation is very much critical, after five years, if vacancies not filled up, how will be track maintained & patrolling will be done?
Why we are silent in this critical matter, which is directly related to safety?
– Neeraj Shrivastava ADEN … 02-01-10

CE Plg

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 12:23 pm

It refresh my memory when my self as srden ckp & shri vedpal as srden adra used to do this excercise. Such situation is continuing from last 25year .Age profile was further bad & many man days were lost in managing accidents & Rail fracture . Today track conditions are much better than bad old days. when vacancies position becomes alarming , board permits the recruitment from open market. such recruitment was done in SER in year 1990 & again in 1994-95.In last few year some recruitment were done from open market . Western railway recruited about 4000 gang man against the vacancies of about 5000 . out of this 4000 , engg deptt was given 3000 trackman( and was asked to manage as they were managing with 5500 vacancies earlier) & other 1000 was given to other deptt which also had vacancies in class IV cadre . Track safety is being maintained because of machines & with grace of God
– R. P. SAXENA CE Plg … 03-01-10

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