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CR runs 1.4-km train, country’s longest Train

CR runs 1.4-km train, country’s longest Train

The Central Railway (CR) has achieved a unique feat. From January, it has been running the country’s longest freight train.

While the 118-coach-long behemoth is not a technological marvel (it has been put together simply by joining two regular freight trains), running it poses technical challenges. There are issues like driver-guard communication, and starting and braking the train at the appropriate time. There are also operational problems related to tight curves, steep gradients and track crossings.

“Such a long freight train has been pressed into service because there is tremendous pressure from March to June to run extra passenger trains for accommodating the summer rush,” said V Malegaonkar, chief PRO, CR.

Though ‘freight train’ has been mentioned in the singular, it merely refers to the type of the train: 1,373-metre long with a trailing load of 9,000-10,000 tons, to be hauled by four electric engines (two in front and two in the middle). In reality, many such trains can be put together for any duration. In January and February, for example, CR ran 67 and 75 of the trains (or services), respectively.

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NRMU Opposed “Optimization of Crew Link” COM’s Proposal (visit: )

Unite to Save Surrendering of Huge No’s of Running Staff posts.

      As per Central Railway COM Office’s L.No.253.AC.PNM Dated 15-27/07/209 signed jointly by


Dy.CME(P&F) &


Administration suggested following links related to SUR Div Crew:-

  1. BSL Crew will work 1078/2779, 2780/2627, 2628/1077 between BSL-DD-BSL section
  2. DD crew will work 1020/7031, 1042/1041, 7032/1019 & 6530/6529 between DD-CSTM-DD
  3. DD crew will work 1014/1013 between DD-LTT-DD

NRMU opposed to this proposal of “Optimization of Crew Link” which will surrender running staff posts.

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रेल्वेच्या क्रेडिट सोसायटीवर ‘एनआरएमयू’ चे वर्चस्व


मुंबई – मध्य रेल्वे कर्मचारी सहकारी पतसंस्थेच्या झालेल्या निवडणुकीत नॅशनल रेल्वे मजदूर युनियनने (एनआरएमयू) शिवसेना रेल्वे कामगार सेना व सेंट्रल रेल्वे मजदूर युनियनचा पाडाव करून यंदाही सोसायटीवर आपले वर्चस्व कायम ठेवले आहे. या निवडणुकीत "एनआरएमयू’चे एकूण 162 पैकी 95 उमेदवार निवडून आले आहेत.
मध्य रेल्वेच्या पतसंस्थेची निवडणूक 18 जून रोजी 56 भागांत पार पडली. एका ब्रिटिश अधिकाऱ्याने 1913 मध्ये सुरू केलेल्या या संस्थेवर गेली बरीच वर्षे ‘एनआरएमयू’चे वर्चस्व राहिले आहे. वर्षाला 800 कोटींची उलाढाल असलेल्या या सोसायटीवर आपले वर्चस्व प्रस्थापित करण्यासाठी कॉंग्रेसप्रणीत ‘सीआरएमयू’ व शिवसेनेची रेल कामगार सेना यांनी युती केली. निवडणूक जिंकता यावी यासाठी मतदानाच्या वेळी सीएसटीतील यार्ड मतदान केंद्रावर ‘एनआरएमयू’च्या सीटीआरचे सचिव केनडी व यार्डचे सेक्रेटरी रवींद्र शिंदे यांना शिवसेना रेल कामगार सेना व ‘सीआरएमयू’चे विद्याधर पांगे व राजन सुर्वे यांनी मारहाण केली होती; परंतु ‘एनआरएमयू’ने परिवर्तन पॅनेलचा पाडाव करून पतसंस्थेतेवर आपले वर्चस्व कायम ठेवले आहे.


रेल्वेच्या क्रेडिट सोसायटीच्या निवडणुकीला गालबोट

मुंबई – मध्य रेल्वे कर्मचारी सहकारी पतसंस्थेची पंचवार्षिक निवडणूक आज पार पडली. या पतसंस्थेवर वर्चस्व मिळविण्यासाठी शिवसेना रेल कामगार संघ व सेंट्रल रेल्वे मजदूर युनियनच्या (सीआरएमयू) काही व्यक्तींनी नॅशनल रेल्वे मजदूर युनियनच्या (एनआरएमयू) व्यक्तींना मारहाण करून निवडणुकीच्या कामात व्यत्यय आणण्याचा प्रयत्न केल्याने गालबोट लागले.
मध्य रेल्वे कर्मचारी सहकारी पतसंस्था आशिया खंडातील सर्वात मोठी पतसंस्था मानली जाते. एका इंग्रज अधिकाऱ्याने 1913 मध्ये सुरू केलेल्या या संस्थेवर गेली बरीच वर्षे "एनआरएमयू’चे वर्चस्व राहिले आहे. वर्षाला 800 कोटींची उलाढाल असलेल्या या संस्थेच्या सोसायाटीवर आपले वर्चस्व प्रस्थापित करण्यासाठी कॉंग्रेसप्रणीत सीआरएमयू व शिवसेनेची रेल कामगार सेना यांनी युती केली. पतसंस्थेची निवडणूक जिंकता यावी यासाठी मतदानाच्या वेळी सीएसटी येथील यार्ड मतदान केंद्रावर "एनआरएमयू’च्या सीटीआरचे सचिव केनडी व यार्डचे सेक्रेटरी रवींद्र शिंदे यांना शिवसेना रेल कामगार सेना व "सीआरएमयू’चे विद्याधर पांगे व राजन सुर्वे यांनी मारहाण केली. हा प्रकार सकाळी मतदानाच्या वेळी घडल्याने रात्रपाळी करून मतदान करायला आलेले कर्मचारी मारामारी पाहून घाबरून निघून गेले. त्याचा परिणाम मतदानावर झाला. एकूण 1200 मतदारांपैकी 700 मतदारांनी सायंकाळपर्यंत मतदान केले. मारहाण करणाऱ्याची तक्रार जीआरपी पोलिसकडे करण्यात आली असून, मतदान झाल्यानंतर या संदर्भातली चौकशी करण्यात येईल, असे पोलिसांकडून सांगण्यात आले.

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Mass Casual Leave 12-02-2009



This meeting of the Loco Running Staff being held under the auspices of the National Railway Mazdoor Union in CST auditorium on 11-01-2009 views with serious concern the apathetic attitude of the Govt. of India and the Ministry of Railways towards the pressing demands of Running Staff such as

1) Anomalies relating to pay scales of ALPs,

2) Poor rate of mileage,

3) Working hours,

4) Filling up all the vacancies in the Running Staff categories and

5) Atrocious conditions of Running Rooms.

These issues are of vital importance and have to be settled promptly. Anomaly Committees or such time consuming Committees are not acceptable. There has to be direct discussions between the Government and the AIRF and the Issues have to be settled across the table. This Conference is fully aware of the fact that the Government will not agree to sit across the table and discuss the issues unless it is forced to do so.

Therefore it is imperative that these issues are taken up by the AIRF on top priority and an action programme decided upon. This Conference appeals to the AIRF to give a call to all its affiliates to mobilize the Loco and Traffic Running Staff and launch effective agitations, starting with a days mass casual Leave, on an early date, to be decided by the Federation.

In the meantime, this Conference decides that a mass casual leave programme of Loco Running Staff of Central Railway be launched on 12 Feb. 09 in order to impress upon the authorities the seriousness of the demands.

The Conference appeals to the Union’s Head Office to direct the traffic running staff to join the programme as the issues are common to them also and make the programme effective and strong.

Proposed By- Com.N.Haridasan

Loco Pilot M/Exp, Mumbai

Seconded By- Com.Ibrahim Khan

Loco Pilot Goods, Bhusawal

       Resolution Passed unanimously in very agitated mood by Running staff. Grandiloquent speech of Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra inspired running staff to unite under the NRMU/AIRF leadership.

      Its a historical decision taken at historical Place CSTM to repeat the history of historical strike of May-1974 if government deny justified demands of Running staff. 


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Rs. 2800/- Grade Pay to be awarded to ALPs

Memorandum submitted by NRMU to Com. ShivGopal Mishra General Secretary, AIRF on 11/01/2009 at CSTM during Conference of Loco Traffic Running staff


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WEL-COME to Central Railway
Shri Bharat Bhushan Modgil belongs to Indian Railway Service of Mechancial Engineers 1972 batch. He entered the Railway Service after graduating from Indian Railways Institute of Mech. & Electrical Engg., Jamalpur as a Mechanical Engineer. He also holds degree in Production Engineering & Electrical Engineering. He has handled many important and challenging assignments as Addl. Divl. Railway Manager, Mumbai, Divl. Railway Manager, Vadodara, Western Railway and Chief Mechanical Engineer/South Western Railway.

Prior to joining Central Railway, he was General Manager, Rail Wheel Factory, a major Production Unit of Indian Railways at Bangalore. He underwent various trainings in USA & Europe. He attended 2nd Advanced Leadership Programme in Stern Business School, New York, USA in Oct.,2006. He is a keen golfer and an avid reader.

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