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Check Price Rise not Dearness Allowance?

Check Price Rise not Dearness Allowance?

After announcement of 8% D.A. to Central Govt. employees, few days back, great hue & cry as visible in the capitalist oriented media both Audio and Video. News papers started criticizing grant of D.A. to employees. Capitalist well-wishers started appearing on the Televisions condemning the announcement with rhetoric of likely impact on prices and consequential mismanagement of economy.

On this occasion some reputed T.V. channels also approached me and asked about my reactions on the announcement of grant of 8% D.A. My simple response was – “Although Price-rise is heavy, yet whatever has been given by the Govt., is welcome”. Instantaneously burst the 2nd question “You are the ardent well wisher of unorganized sector labour, will this consequential price rise will not affect their lives?” I replied in affirmative but owing to this phenomenon, why should Central Govt. Employees, Rail employees, State Govt. employees who have fought for non-freezing of Dearness Allowance be denied their hard fought right.

Media persons again asked me about the solution of this problem. I replied that there exists only solution which is to check-the price-rise.

Comrades, you are well aware that even after so much of constant struggle “fair-wages” are a dream for Govt. employees only Dearness Allowance are a source of some relief to employees and also a source of stomach ache to capitalists. Govt. is helpless in controlling price-rise and capitalists only show a lip-deep sympathy to unorganized labour sector. In fact their empires are the product of labour exploitation by capitalists. They know it, 40% citizenry of the country is deprived of even two times simple meal. Govt. sponsored Commission headed by Sh. Arjun Sen Gupta’s reports that the earning capacity of 40% people is less than Rs. 20/- per day. The statistics released by Tendulkar Committee in respect of “Below Poverty Line” population has also presented horrible condition for every thinker of the country, Central and State Governments are in a fix.

We on our part have always been with unorganized sector labours and wish them to make “Organized”, to free them from exploitation, to implement Labour Laws for them and they should also be compensated with Dearness Allowance at par with organized sector. In reality the actual enemies of unorganized sector labour are those who are shedding crocodile tears for them and have done nothing but indulging in self-promotion games constantly roaming in the corridors of power.

Friends ! We, on our part should not care for what these sycophant’s state instead, we should intensify our struggle which is possible only if we take these unorganized sector people with us. Perhaps this will be the fittest tribute to our martyrs on coming May Day.

Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra

(General Secy./AIRF)

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