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Coming soon: movies in trains

Coming soon: movies in trains

PUNE: Soon, there will be more to look forward to than just digging into ‘batata wadas’ at Karjat or tossing peanuts to simians at Monkey Hill on the Pune-Mumbai train journey.

Central Railway, probably taking a cue from international flights, is set to provide free entertainment, news and more along the route between the two cities.
A high-cost project, for which the railways will rope in private agencies, will see passengers with reserved tickets in as many as eight trains availing of onboard entertainment such as movies, games and comedy shows besides news capsules — all for free.

Passengers asking for this service will be given, on a returnable basis of course, hand-held terminals with LCD screens, individual headphones and seat-display game emulators.

The service will be provided on eight trains — the six Pune-Mumbai intercity trains, the Mumbai-Kolhapur Koyna Express and the Mumbai-Aurangabad Janshatabdi Express.

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