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NRMU Opposed “Optimization of Crew Link” COM’s Proposal (visit: )

Unite to Save Surrendering of Huge No’s of Running Staff posts.

      As per Central Railway COM Office’s L.No.253.AC.PNM Dated 15-27/07/209 signed jointly by


Dy.CME(P&F) &


Administration suggested following links related to SUR Div Crew:-

  1. BSL Crew will work 1078/2779, 2780/2627, 2628/1077 between BSL-DD-BSL section
  2. DD crew will work 1020/7031, 1042/1041, 7032/1019 & 6530/6529 between DD-CSTM-DD
  3. DD crew will work 1014/1013 between DD-LTT-DD

NRMU opposed to this proposal of “Optimization of Crew Link” which will surrender running staff posts.

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Mass Casual Leave 12-02-2009



This meeting of the Loco Running Staff being held under the auspices of the National Railway Mazdoor Union in CST auditorium on 11-01-2009 views with serious concern the apathetic attitude of the Govt. of India and the Ministry of Railways towards the pressing demands of Running Staff such as

1) Anomalies relating to pay scales of ALPs,

2) Poor rate of mileage,

3) Working hours,

4) Filling up all the vacancies in the Running Staff categories and

5) Atrocious conditions of Running Rooms.

These issues are of vital importance and have to be settled promptly. Anomaly Committees or such time consuming Committees are not acceptable. There has to be direct discussions between the Government and the AIRF and the Issues have to be settled across the table. This Conference is fully aware of the fact that the Government will not agree to sit across the table and discuss the issues unless it is forced to do so.

Therefore it is imperative that these issues are taken up by the AIRF on top priority and an action programme decided upon. This Conference appeals to the AIRF to give a call to all its affiliates to mobilize the Loco and Traffic Running Staff and launch effective agitations, starting with a days mass casual Leave, on an early date, to be decided by the Federation.

In the meantime, this Conference decides that a mass casual leave programme of Loco Running Staff of Central Railway be launched on 12 Feb. 09 in order to impress upon the authorities the seriousness of the demands.

The Conference appeals to the Union’s Head Office to direct the traffic running staff to join the programme as the issues are common to them also and make the programme effective and strong.

Proposed By- Com.N.Haridasan

Loco Pilot M/Exp, Mumbai

Seconded By- Com.Ibrahim Khan

Loco Pilot Goods, Bhusawal

       Resolution Passed unanimously in very agitated mood by Running staff. Grandiloquent speech of Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra inspired running staff to unite under the NRMU/AIRF leadership.

      Its a historical decision taken at historical Place CSTM to repeat the history of historical strike of May-1974 if government deny justified demands of Running staff. 


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Railway’s Real Hero of Mumbai 26/11 Attack

Who is responsible for the killing of
57 innocent passengers at CSTM?


We salute the 2 main hero of CST railway. Announcer Zende who alerted the passengers and Railway staff about the Terrorist and thereby saved the life of 100 of passengers who would have been the target of bullets of terrorist. Even bullets were fired at him but it did not deter him to do his job of alerting the passengers as well as RPF & GRP staff. His act is parallel to the heroic of courage and presence of mind as in such circumstances he stayed at his duty without fearing the bullet of Terrorist.
The 2nd hero of 26/11 at CST is Jhullu Yadav a head constable of RPF post CST (ADM) who had shown extra ordinary valour and courage to fire at the Terrorists inspite of very limited option as on that day he was on duty at inside gate of GM’s building adjacent to main concourse hall of sub-urban train platforms without Arms. He after hearing the announcement and gun shot came out of his duty beat towards the concourse hall and finding the terrorists standing near the plat form 3 & 4 he flung one chair from TC office to distract the attention of Terrorist and then asked one GRP Constable who was there at TC office at that time with rifle to shoot at the Terrorist but since the GRP Constable was hesitant to shoot he snatched the rifle from the GRP Staff and fired 2 rounds at the Standing Terrorists who back fire at him with volley of bullets but he hide himself. This heroic act of Jhullu Yadav is nothing but his commitment to his duty and to the Nation as a whole.
The other Railway staff including RPF and GRP who were either perished or injured seriously by the bullet of terrorists while doing their line of duty are also praise worthy as at least they stand out boldly to face the bullet of Terrorists than to run away fearing for their own life. According CPRO/CR Shri Mudgerikar those who died to the bullet of Terrorists are

1. Inspector GRP/CST Shri Shashank Shinde

2. ACTI/CSTM Shri Sushil Kumar Sharma,

3.Shri M. L. Chaube, Head Constable RPF

4.Shrimati Harika Bai Lalji Solanki, Safaiwali

The 7 other sustained injured including

ASI/RPF R. N. Nashit,

Hd. Const. RPF B. N. Giri,

Constable RPF Firoz Khan and one Pointsman.
But now the question here arises as what and where it went wrong when we could not save the life of 57 innocent passengers from the bullets of Terrorists who thronged at CST Station Without being noticed by any one and killed so many passengers and seriously injuring double the number at their will and went out of CST with out any challenge from our security forces both RPF & GRP.
These are very important Questions about the goofed up security at CST on 26/11. On July, 2006 local trains were ripped apart by series of seven bomb blast and aftermath the security at various Rly station were tighten up and modernised Electronic gadgets were installed by investing crores of rupees .Even modern Arms like Insas Rifle were acquired but what happened on 26/11 at CST.
The statement of the then GM Central Railway Smt. Sowmya Raghavan, reported in news paper when she, went on a round of the CST building on Thursday morning. “Railway stations are often vulnerable. The terrorists highly-sophisticated weapons whereas our system isn’t really foolproof to tackle a strike like this,” and similarly the statement of DRM Mumbai shri J .N. Lal that we need advanced weapons like the AK-47 to beat a terror strike like this . These statement to the press by Railway officials are nothing but to save their own skin. Even higher RPF and GRP officers always give press release that in absence of advanced weapon and electronic gadgets they are no match to the Terrorist who are armed with highly sophisticated weapons is nothing but to befool the people of this nation. As we have seen that a 52 year old head constable of RPF Jhullu Yadav who was Unarmed but due to his high moral and commitment towards duty and Nation did not deter him to face the Terrorist 1st by throwing a chair towards the Terrorist and later on snatching a rifle of other police man and firing on them.
A) As per the news paper report about 100 security personnel both GRP & RPF were there on 26/11 Senior divisional security commissioner of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) S. C. Parhi admitted that barely six of the 34 RPF personnel deployed at CST were armed on Wednesday night. “We do not provide weapons to all our personnel as some duties demand lathis to be possessed whereas some call for holding weapons. Also, the weapons used are pistols and revolvers, which are insufficient to deal with advanced equipment.” This statement to the press clearly shows that no one from RPF were With INSAS Rifle which was acquired recently. On that day only Jullu Yadav fired at Terrorist that too from the rifel of GRP. What About the other RPF & GRP staff Who were with Arms why they did not fight with Terrorists.
B) RPF is claiming that Inspector Sandeep Kiratkar and Kiran Bhosle had also fired at the Terrorists and they were rewarded Rs 5 lakh each by Rly Minster. But insider at CST revealed that These two RPF officers were not there at the time of Terrorist attack. Like the footage of CCTV showing Jhullu Yadav firing at the Terrorist is not there to show their involvement in engaging the Terrorist in the fight. Even though Times of India Photographer Sebastian D’souza and eyewitness S.S Sharma, food stall owner at CST claimed that no one dared to confront or any counter attack from security forces at CST. Moreover if presumed that they were engaging the Terrorist then how the 2 Terrorist were allowed to walk past platform no .1 and they were not chased by these two RPF officers or why the Mumbai city police personnel who were there in good number outside the CST in front of Mumbai corporation H. Q. were not informed. This non chase of Terrorist also resulted into killing of 3 ATS officers by the same Terrorist near Cama hospital. Sources even says that when the Terrorists left CST, RPF/IG/CSC B. S. Siddu came to CST & called these 2 officers and asked them to show their fight with Terrorist and these 2 officers fired in air to show that they fired from their arms.
C) In CST main station where the massacre of all the 57 passengers occurred too have quit a good number of CCTV cameras but so far not a single footage of that gruesome killing by the Terrorist is available. Why ? who is responsible for this ? Who is monitoring the CCTV ? One staff is specially deputed at CST Main RPF Office to monitor as well as zooming and rotating the cameras what report he has given about the incident ? Where are the recording datas ?

If CCTV footage were properly monitored and movement of each act of Terrorist would have been captured then on the same day discovery of bag containing 8.5 kg. RDX would have been made. Who has to be blamed ? it is reported in the media that on that day some CCTV were not in working condition then who is responsible for this slackness as so important evidence about movement and killing by Terrorist were not captured in cameras ?

Sources in this matter revealed that on that 26/11 CCTV were in working condition but recording were stopped by RPF/GRP Inspector as nefarious activities are being carried out by them on long distance train .
D) What GRP was doing as they are suppose to tackle law & order problem on Railways ? It is being said that all most all the GRP staff ran away to save their own life instead of
fighting with the Terrorist.
E) why the security at CST was so relax? inspite of knowing that it was on Terrorist target as lakhs and lakhs people are commuting every day from CST. GRP as well as RPF were aware of this fact but they did not bother to keep armed staff there.

G) Prior to 26/11 Is there any action plan prepared by higher officers of GRP & RPF to tackle an armed intruder entering in CST ? If yes why sufficient armed men were not there and any briefing were given to the staff as how to tackle such situation. If no then why inspite of threat all these security measures were not followed and who is to be blamed for death of 57 passengers.
H) The H.Q. of RPF is situated in parcel office building on platform no 13, IG/CSC/RPF Shri B. S. Siddu sits there every day morning, evening he passes through the area where 57 passengers were killed and scores of others injured on 26/11. Has he not noticed at any time the necessity of armed men or any action plan to tackle any eventuality if any one enters there and start random firing or was he not aware about the security threat to passengers of CST ?
I) Why Shri B. S. Siddu required daily 8 RPF commando wearing black uniform with automatic Insas rifle ? Is he entitle to do so ? If commando is only for RPF officers then who is there to safe guard poor passengers ?
J) RPF is asking for more man power to tackle these Terrorist. Sources reveal that With IG/CSC/RPF shri B. S. Siddu in addition to these 8 commando one more officer of the rank of ASI is attached who is always with arms. Around 6 more staff are working at his resident & amongst them one is of the rank of Inspector. He has one official Ambassador car but he had taken one more Travera from Pune division and fitted Air-conditioner in it. If calculate the monthly expenditure on Mr. Siddu is more than 2 lakhs on all these staff Railway is paying.
k) On the night of 26/11 if you will see out of 5 RPF staff Including 1 dead 3 injured and one Jhullu Yadav all are above 50 yrs of age except one Firoz Khan who is around 40 yrs. Now sources reveal that in all the possible RPF offices and post most of the young staff are either working as office staff or kept in plain uniform for nefarious activities.
If we look into the lapses on the part of GRP and RPF staff for their apathy in playing with the life of innocent passengers then, these Officers who had failed to protect the Railway passengers by not adopting suitable security measures at CST station on 26/11 have to face the criminal charges. Merely riding on the back of heroic of Jhullu Yadav will not save them and they can not shirk their responsibility. Nation as a Whole want to know why they failed to provide security on 26/11. Criminal charges should be initiated against them so that others will learn lessons and such lapses can be avoided.
We want reply from GM, CRB and Railway Minister as they are directly responsible to the kins of killed and injured passengers. Giving clean cheat to these callous Security Officials means nothing else but protecting anti National elements.
While the GRP and RPF were busy fighting to take credit for driving out the Terrorists, a bag loaded with 8.5 kg. RDX lay unchecked in the station. Neither was the unclaimed luggage screened nor was a sniffer dog was used to check for explosive. RPF Chief Security Commissioner shri B. S. Siddhu said “We had handed over the luggage to the GRP.” See the statement of chief of RPF who is supposed to protect the safety and security of Railway property as well as passengers. If joint efforts should have been there with RPF and GRP this grave lapse would have been avoided. As primarily RPF has got sniffer Dogs and CCTV in their charge if they are in any way concerned about the security at CST they should have gone with the exercise of these security check and the RDX would have been recovered on the same day. Such negligence are not sheer negligence but playing with the life of passengers and they should be booked under criminal negligence section of IPC.
Public is asking, If the Railway is rewarding Head Constable Jhullu Yadav Who stayed back at CST to fight the Terrorists with a rupees 10 lakh reward, what is it doing to punish the dozen armed policemen of the Railway Protection Force who fled the scene. What is the reply of Railway Minister, GM/CR and CRB?-Railsamachar

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