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PRESS RELEASE By Shiva Gopal Mishra General Secretary

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Shiva Gopal Mishra
General Secretary

New Delhi, June 25, 2010, “There will be vital changes in the pay structure of the Railway employees”, this was stated by Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, All India Railwaymen’s Federation and Northern Railwaymen’s Union in a Press Conference held here in Press Club.
Shri Mishra stated that, keeping in view the interests of the Railwaymen working in various categories; Railway Board has given its consent to change their Pay Bands widely. He stated that, after the meeting of Departmental Anomaly Committee, it was recommended to provide GP Rs.4800 to all Supervisors of apex grade as well as modification in other cadres have also been suggested.
Shri Mishra stated that more than one lakh Technicians, working in the Indian Railways and used to call Technician-II with GP Rs.2400, will now be merged with Technician-I GP Rs.2800. This will also be applicable on more than 36,000 Ticket Collectors in GP Rs.2400 and they will be provided with GP Rs.2800.
Shri Mishra informed that the Railway Board has also recommended to improve the grade pay of Technical Supervisor, Section Engineer, Jr. Engineer from GP Rs.4200 and 4600 to Rs.4600 and 4800 respectively.
“Railway Board have also recommended grade pay of Loco Pilot and Guard; and based on this, Loco Pilots of Mail and Express trains will be provided with GP Rs.4600. Besides this, Railway Board have also recommended to give Additional Allowance to the Loco Pilot(Goods) and Guard(Goods)”, Shri Mishra informed.
Shri Mishra stated that, keeping in view recruitment qualification(Graduation) and special working conditions of the Asstt. Station Master, Railway Board have recommended to provide them Entry GP Rs.4200.
Shri Mishra further stated that the main reasons of all these improvements were better coordination between AIRF and Hon’ble MR and Railway Board and also pressure of the MR on the Railway Board. Shri Mishra informed that all these recommendations have been sent to Ministry of Finance by the Railway Ministry.
“Hon’ble MR has given assurance that every possible efforts will be done to resolve the problems of the Railwaymen”, Shri Mishra informed.
“I had also raised the issue of payment of arrears to Loco Pilot and Guards w.e.f. 1.1.2006 and KMA before Hon’ble MR, which has been rejected by the Fast Track Committee. She has assured that it will be looked into”, Shri Mishra stated.
Shri Mishra also informed that the Railway Board has decided to constitute a committee to improve pay scales of more 2.5 lakh Gangmen, Keymen, Mate, Gatemen working on the Indian Railways and also to provide them Special Package. Shri Mishra further added that this category is unique, which used to be recruited and retired in GP Rs.1800.
Shri Mishra stated that he had raised the issue of filling-up of around two lakh vacant posts without further delay. Hon’ble MR has given him assurance; and some action has also been taken to overcome this problem.
Shri Mishra informed that I had also raised the issue of entitlement of Privilege Pass before the Hon’ble MR and she has assured for its early finalization.

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