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Privileged railway passes

Union Railway Minister has imposed restrictions on foreign-tours b Railway Officials. Earlier she had shown her determination to save railway-funds by withdrawing free life-time railway-pass granted by Lalu Prasad Yadav to himself during his tenure as Railway Minister in a care-taker government.

But documents received through an RTI petition disclosed that as per Railway Board’s letter D.O.No. E(W)/94/PS/5-1/5 dated 28.05.1996 not only Chairperson and members of Railway Board have facility to travel in First-Class Air-Conditioned/Executive classes of all trains including even Shatabdi Express on their privilege-passes, but even their spouses and family-members are entitled to travel on privilege-passes even if the concerned Chairperson/member is not accompanying these family-member! What more, not only the retired chairperson/members of Railway Board but even their spouses enjoy to travel in first-class air-conditioned/executive classes of all trains without paying any difference in fares, even after retirement from Railway Board.

Mamta Banerjee should order study of all such princely facilities enjoyed by members of Railway Board to withdraw the same to save hard-earned tax-payers’ money on princely privileges for members and families of Railway Board.


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Sitting on a box of centuries old detonator & fugee , Railway Board is under the illusion that their train system are so perfect that improvement cannot even be discussed.
Action from Railway Board New Delhi Required.

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