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Rail Dost: A Rly magazine for elite train travellers soon

Rly magazine for elite train travellers soon

As part of the move to make train travel more enjoyable, the rail ministry has decided to launch an all-colour magazine—Rail Dost—to be provided free to passengers of elite trains. The magazine, which will be launched in January, will be similar in look and feel to those provided by airlines for in-flight reading. Rail Dost will not be sold and passengers can take it home.

The idea of a monthly magazine to be given to all passengers of Durantos, Rajdhanis and Shatabdis was mooted by the railways’ passenger services committee headed by quiz master Derek O’Brien. “Unlike airlines, we expect passengers to take the magazine home,” O’Brien told TOI. Initially, the magazine will be in English and Hindi and later, some sections will have writeups in different languages like Tamil and Bengali.

Work on the first issue is already on and TOI has learnt that it will feature a story on Rabindra Nath Tagore’s rail journey in England where he lost the manuscript of his famous work ‘Geetanjali’ on a railway platform. The first issue will also have a write-up by Ruskin Bond.

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