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This Common Man’s Budget ?

Once again, the Budget presented by the Finance minister brings extreme price rise coupled with Unemployment and billions of citizens of the country will have more pains instead of any relief. Common man has been heavily disappointed by the Diesel/Petrol price rise.
Mute point is what this Budget brings to those 45 crore people of the country who earn less than Rs. 60/- a day. Or for those who live on meager 20/- per day wages as per Arjun Sen Gupta. Or for those 38% people of our country who are living on below poverty line.
There appears nothing for Govt. employees which can save their from heavy taxation. This budget has given nothing to Unorganized labour sector, marginal poor farmers except making their life more miserable by imposing increased taxes. Not only  this certainly put Railways in huge trouble. Which has so far been the only hope of common man.
This budget happens to be the budget of a few specific people and certainly not the budget of common man as has been continuously pretended by the Govt. Budget appears mainly favouring corporate sector and rich people. We are of the view that the Budget has no direction, target or aim.
Rail Budget, on the contrary has given much relief to common man by “no increase” in fare and freight. Most welcoming are the announcements increased assistance to Railway Workers children’s education and health care along with those voluntary retirees of “Safety” category upto grade pay of Rs. 1800/- getting the opportunity of absorbing his child in Railway Service. Yet another fantastic announcement of arranging one dwelling unit to each Rly. Employee within 10 years has thrilled the Rail worker. AIRF takes pride in contributing a lot on such welfare planning. Railway Minister has denied any privatization move but the sight of PPP stream  of activities every where is certainly a matter of grave concern.
Passing of Women Reservation Billl by Rajya Sabha will certainly take the country towards new direction.
On 5th March, 2010, all the Central Labour Organisations, exhibiting solidarity and Unity undertook SATYAGRAH and JAIL BHARO MOVEMENT. This is certainly a ray of hope to labour class of the country we hope to continue this struggle with more and more vigour and courage.

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

General Secretary/AIRF

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