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Govt plans one card for travel across India “common transport card” or “Common Mobility Card” or “India Mobility Card”, will be a reality by next year

Govt plans one card for travel across India

Soon you may be able to travel across the country carrying just a swipe card that can be used for all modes of transport. If plans by the Union Urban Development Ministry are successful, the common transport card, or ‘Common Mobility Card’/ ‘India Mobility Card’, will be a reality by next year.

“These cards will function essentially as e-purses. What this means is that the money will be on the card — these can be swiped and the value would be automatically deducted,” a senior Ministry official said. This would hence obviate the need to buy tickets.

These cards would cover all forms of transport, including buses, trains, metros, ferries, taxis and even auto-rickshaws. The only sector that the ministry has not included in its India Mobility Card project is air travel.

While the cards will be introduced in chosen cities across various states to begin with, officials say that the goal is to have a single ticketing system tying the country. Work on the concept began a year ago.

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