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DA from July 2010 : AICPIN for the month of June-2010 published by Labour Bureau

DA from July 2010 : AICPIN for the month of June-2010 published by Labour Bureau

Just now All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 value has been released by Labour Bureau. The value of the index stands at 174 level, so in this situation, the Dearness Allowance for Central Government Employees will be rised 10% and total of 45% (35% + 10%).
All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of June, 2010 increased by 2 points and stood at 174 (one hundred and seventy four).
During June, 2010, the index recorded an increase of 8 points in Varanasi centre, 6 points each in Quilon and Giridih centres, 5 points in 4 centres, 4 points in 8 centres, 3 points in 13 centres, 2 points in 17 centres and 1 point in 19 centres. The index decreased by 1 point each in Ludhiana and Ghaziabad centres, while in the remaining 12 centres the index remained stationary

The maximum increase of 8 points in Varanasi centre is mainly due to increase in the prices of Rice, Wheat, Fresh Milk, Onion, Vegetable and Fruit items, Electricity Charges, Bus Fare, Tailoring Charges, etc. The increase of 6 points in Quilon centre is due to increase in the prices of Rice, Fish Fresh, Onion, Vegetable and Fruit items, Cigarette, Tailoring Charges, etc. and in Giridih centres it is due to increase in the prices of Mustard Oil, Fish Fresh, Turmeric Powder, Vegetable and Fruit items, Soft Coke, etc. However, the decrease of 1 point each in Ludhiana and Ghaziabad centres is due to decrease in the prices of Onion, Vegetable items, Sugar, etc.
The indices in respect of the six major centres are as follows :
1. Ahmedabad – 169
2. Bangalore –182
3. Chennai – 162
4. Delhi – 159
5. Kolkata -172
6. Mumbai -171
The point to point rate of inflation for the month of June, 2010 is 13.73% as compared to 13.91% in May, 2010.

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Rs 30000 Computer Advance to CGE interest will be Rs 8600 ie 11.5% pa

Computer Advance for Central Government Employees
How to calculate the interest amount for Computer Advance…
In this modern world, things became essential for day to day life which was once a dream for ordinary people in the past years.
Before ten years, buying a computer was an uphill task but it became an important part now a days in each and every houses.
But, the rate of interest for the ‘Computer Advance’ given for the Central Government Employees remains the same. An interest rate of 11.5% p.a. is
very high as expressed by the employees.
The advance amount of the Rs.30,000 will be recovered in 5 years through monthly deductions and the interest amount of Rs.8600 which is more…
We, on behalf of all Central Government Employees urge the JCM members to recommended the decreasing or eliminating this rate of interest.
If an employee receive Rs.30,000 as Computer Advance, calculate the interest amount in two methods, one is Formula method and other is IBB method.

Formula Method:-
Date of Advance : 1.1.2008
No. of Installments : 60 Months
Rate of Interest : 11.5%
Formula : n/2 (a+1) x r/100 x 1/12
Interest Calculation = 60/2 (30,000) x 11.5/100 x 1/12
= Rs.8625
IBB Method :-

Month IBB
1 Jan-08 30000 500 32 Aug 14500 500
2 Feb 29500 500 33 Sep 14000 500
3 Mar 29000 500 34 Oct 13500 500
4 Apr 28500 500 35 Nov 13000 500
5 May 28000 500 36 Dec 12500 500
6 Jun 27500 500 37 Jan-11 12000 500
7 Jul 27000 500 38 Feb 11500 500
8 Aug 26500 500 39 Mar 11000 500
9 Sep 26000 500 40 Apr 10500 500
10 Oct 25500 500 41 May 10000 500
11 Nov 25000 500 42 Jun 9500 500
12 Dec 24500 500 43 Jul 9000 500
13 Jan-09 24000 500 44 Aug 8500 500
14 Feb 23500 500 45 Sep 8000 500
15 Mar 23000 500 46 Oct 7500 500
16 Apr 22500 500 47 Nov 7000 500
17 May 22000 500 48 Dec 6500 500
18 Jun 21500 500 49 Jan-12 6000 500
19 Jul 21000 500 50 Feb 5500 500
20 Aug 20500 500 51 Mar 5000 500
21 Sep 20000 500 52 Apr 4500 500
22 Oct 19500 500 53 May 4000 500
23 Nov 19000 500 54 Jun 3500 500
24 Dec 18500 500 55 Jul 3000 500
25 Jan-10 18000 500 56 Aug 2500 500
26 Feb 17500 500 57 Sep 2000 500
27 Mar 17000 500 58 Oct 1500 500
28 Apr 16500 500 59 Nov 1000 500
29 May 16000 500 60 Dec 500 500
30 Jun 15500 500 Jan-13 0
31 Jul 15000 500 915000 15500

Interest Calculation = 915000/100 x 11.5/100 x 1/12
= Rs.8769
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Obtaining Suggestions / comments on reservation policy of SC ST OBC in services Last date extended upto 25Aug2010

No.36011/6/2010-Estt. (Res.)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

North Block,
New Delhi- 110001
Dated the 26th July, 2010.

Subject:- Issue of instructions on Reservation for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in services under the Government of India.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 25/6/2010 whereby a draft O.M. containing consolidated instructions on Reservation for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in services under the Central Government was posted on this Department’s website for soliciting suggestions thereon by 12.7.2010. Several letters have been received requesting to extend the date for sending suggestions / comments. The matter has been considered and it has been decided to extend the time period for sending comments upto 25.8.2010.
2. All concerned are informed that comments/ suggestions on the draft OM, if any, may be sent to the undersigned by 25.8.2010 positively.


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After Reading the above heading you might think that I have missed one zero after the cost and exact cost must be $350 or 15000 Indian Rupee.But my dear friend it is true that now lap top will be available at Just For Rs 1500/- only that is a Initiative has been taken by Union Ministry for human Resource Development, India has taken to provide such a low cost Laptop which have following feature.

  1. Cost Just $35 or Rs.1500/- Approx
  2. Single unit based device
  3. Inbuilt Keyboard
  4. Touch screen
  5. 2 GB ram
  6. Internet and Wi-Fi enabled 
  7. USB drive port.
  8. Available in market :Next year

Press release is given below

The Union Minister for human Resource Development, Shri Kapil Sibal unveiled a low cost computing-cum-access device, here today. The price of the device exhibited today is expected to be around $35 per piece, gradually dropping down to $20 and ultimately to $10 a piece. Since this effort of continuous reduction in price and enhancement in capabilities would require a constant Endeavour for R&D, IIT Rajasthan and some other IITs and technical institutions are setting up research teams to cover a wide range of issues in achieving our ultimate goal in terms of price and quality.
The three cardinal principles of the Education Policy viz., access, equity and quality could be served well by providing connectivity to all colleges and universities, providing low cost and affordable access cum computing devices to students and teachers and providing high quality e-content free of cost to all learners in the Country. National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT) encompasses all the three elements. Connectivity to Universities and Colleges has already started. Nearly 8500 Colleges in the country have already been connected, high quality e-content in various subjects is being created and under the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), nearly 500 web based and video courses are available and uploaded on “sakshat”, YouTube and NPTEL portals and another 1100 courses in various disciplines of engineering and science are getting generated in 4 quadrant approach.
The ministry started its efforts , subsequent to lukewarm response from known corporates in this sector, by holding discussions on this concept with a group of Professors / experts at IISc, Bangalore, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras and IIT Bombay. B.Tech and M.Tech students were guided to produce the mother board for such low cost devices with ample flexibility to change components. One mother board design was generated under Ministry’s guidance in the B.Tech project of a student at VIT, Vellore. The cost of bill of material worked to 47 $ at that point of time. The PCB of the mother board was got fabricated at IIT Kanpur. It could be seen that by customizing the device to the needs of learners across the country, and utilizing the processor capabilities of processors suitable for the purpose, it was possible to substantially reduce the prices of such access-cum-computing devices. Then started a wave of collaboration with such interested partners.
. A number of teams have been moving back and forth independently but constantly interacting with the HRD Ministry and improving upon design parameters and customization guidance for Indian students. The efforts of some of the teams working with those design philosophies were presented today. The aim is to reach such devices to the students of colleges and Universities and to provide these institutions a host of choices of low cost access devices around Rs. 1500/- ($35) or less in near future

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Cabinet approves continuation of Passes to Railway Employees and Pensioners

Cabinet approves continuation of Passes to Railway Employees & Pensioners

It is heartening that the Union Cabinet has approved the continuation of Passes to Railway Employees & Pensioners on July 15, 2010 at the instance of the Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee – finally over ruling the recommendations of the Expenditure Reforms Commission – made in 2004 for discontinuation of the Passes to Railway Employees & Pensioners.
According to reports appearing in a section of Press (including ‘The Tribune’, Chandigarh), an in-house Committee set up by the Railway Ministry had assessed the annual expenditure – as Rs.528 crores – on Passes to 14 lakh Railway Employees & Rs.57 crores on Passes to 12 lakh Pensioners (as in 2004) – with an estimated cost of Rs.3311 per pass for serving employees and Rs.498 per pass of Pensioners.
However, according to an estimate of AIRF team, the actual impact on the Railways is much less due to only partial utilization of the Passes by the Railway Employees & Pensioners – considering that only a fraction of the journey is actually performed by them than for which the Passes are actually issued. Many of the Railway Employees & Pensioners don’t even take a single set of pass or not at least full complement thereof as per their entitlement in a year – due to localized settlement and lack of resources to meet with the over head expenses of a journey.
But the Financial people while calculating financial impact of such privileges don’t look at all these factors. Apparently the estimated figure of expenditure of Rs.471 crores p.a. on Passes for Railway employees and Rs.57 crores p.a. on Passes to the Pensioners – as worked out by the said Committee – was much on the higher side considering the above said factors

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Recovery of excess payment of Retirement Gratuity from the employees who retired voluntarily after getting the benefit of adding years of service – Clarification reg.

RBE No. 95/2010
PC-VI No. 212


No. F(E)III/2008/PN1/13

New Delhi, dated: 06.07.2010.

The GMs/FA&CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units.
(As per Mailing List)


      Subject: Grant of full pension to Government servants who retired on or after 01.01.2006 – recovery of excess payment of Retirement Gratuity from the employees who retired voluntarily after getting the benefit of adding years of serviceClarification reg.



        The Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare (DOP&PW) vide their O.M. No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 10.12.2009, circulated vide this Ministry’s letter of even number dated 15.12.2009, have dispensed with the provision relating to linkage of full pension with 33 years of qualifying service, with effect from 01.01.2006 instead of 02.09.2008. These instructions, inter-alia, provide that the benefit of adding years of qualifying service for the purpose of computation of pension and gratuity shall stand withdrawn w.e.f. 01.01.2006. Simultaneously, para 4 of the said O.M. also provides that the overall calculation, may take into account revised gratuity and revised pension, including arrears up to the date of revision based on these instructions and that no recoveries would be made in the cases already settled

2.       In this connection, clarification has been sought from this office as to whether in the case of employees who retired voluntarily during the period from 01.01.2006 to 01.09.2008, after getting the benefit of adding years of service, the excess payment of gratuity is to be recovered or adjusted from the arrears of pension and commuted value of additional pension arising out of implementation of the instructions contained in DOP&PW’s O.M. dated 10.12.2009 ibid. The matter has, therefore, been examined by this Ministry in consultation with DOP&PW and it is clarified that the recovery of excess payment of gratuity on the above account, shall be regulated as under:


S.No Point Clarification
1 In cases where the employees , retired voluntarily after 1.1.2006 with pro-rata pension calculated for the qualifying service Less than 33 years, pension will under go upward revision and additional amount of pension will also be commutable Excess payment of gratuity on account of withdrawal of weightage w.e.f. 01.01.2006 will be adjusted against arrears of pension (and not commuted value of pension). However, this adjustment will be restricted to the amount of arrears of pension. If the recovery of gratuity is more than the amount of arrears of pension, no recovery in excess of arrears of pension will be made.
2 In cases where employees retired voluntarily after 1.1.2006 after getting the benefit of adding years of qualifying service and were granted pension @ 50% of emoluments/average emoluments, as the case may be, due to their qualifying service having reached 33 years, there will be no revision in the amount of pension but the amount of retirement gratuity will undergo a change due to exclusion of the
benefit of adding years of service, already extended to them.
Where there is no increase of pension, no recovery of gratuity will be made.


3.       All Zonal Railways etc., are, therefore, advised to settle the cases of the employees who retired voluntarily after 01.01.2006 but before 02.09.2008, in accordance with the above clarification.


(Sunil Bhardwaj)
Deputy Director Finance (Estt.)III,
Railway Board.

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Railways to take over catering services from IRCTC

Railways to take over catering services from IRCTC

A man boards a local train at a railway station in Kolkata February 24, 201…Railways has decided to strip the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) of its catering responsibilities on the Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi and all other mail and express trains.

The Catering Policy-2010 finalised by Railways have clearly spelt out that “Railways shall progressively take over management of all mobile catering services including base kitchens, pantry cars and all food stalls in railway premises”.

Railways cool to Montek critique

At present, IRCTC, a Railway subsidiary, is responsible for serving food in about 300 trains including in premier trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi.

With this move, IRCTC will forgo a catering business worth at least Rs 200 crores, said a senior IRCTC official.

The Railway Board will now determine the menu and tariff for the standard meals, breakfast, tea and coffee, which are included in the fare.

The new policy comes in the wake of increased passenger complaints about the quality of food served on board trains and in stations.

IRCTC will now be responsible for selling e-ticket and i-ticket and running the Rail Neer business.

Besides, it will manage Food Plaza, Food Courts, fast food units.

However, the policy has stipulated that “all such contracts presently being managed by IRCTC, on expiry of the contract period, will be awarded by the zonal railways in a phased manner”.

IRCTC will not renew any contract required to be handed over to zonal railways on expiry of the contract.

Railways Ministry has been negligent: CPI(M)

At present, there are about 65 food plazas across the country.

Railways will now formulate operating guidelines to implement the new catering policy.

Plagued with passenger complaints, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had stated in her Budget speech this year that a new catering policy will be announced to improve the food quality.

Incidentally, IRCTC was formed during Mamata Banerjee’s regime in 2001.

The Jan Ahaar outlets started recently by Railways to provide affordable meals to all class of people will also be managed by zonal railways.

The policy took over a year to be finalised.

The last policy catering policy was formulated during Lalu Prasad’s regime in 2005.

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Vacancies in Rly Clerical Cadre – Direct Recruitment quota



RBE No. 88/2010                           New Delhi, Dated 15-06-2010

The General Manager (P),
All Indian Railways & Porduction Units, CORE/Allahabad,
MTP/Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai,
CAO (R), DMW/Patiala, COFMOW/New Delhi,
Director General, RDSO/Lucknow, RSC/Vadodra,
Director, IRISE/Secundrabad, IRICEN/Pune, IRIEEN/Nasik &
IRIM&EE/Jamalpur and Chairman/Railway Recruitment Boards,
Managing Director/Konkan Raiwlay Corporation Limited.

Sub:-     Vacancies in Clerical Cadre – Direct Recruitment quota.

            Attention is invited to Board’s letter of even number dated 16.3.2007 (RBE No.42/2007) on the above subject, wherein instructions had been issued for freezing of 25% of the vacancies falling within the direct recruitment quota in the category of Clerks in Pay Band-1 of RS.5200-20200 (Grade Pay: Rs,1900) and in Senior Clerks in Pay Band-1 of RS.5200-20200 (Grade Pay:RS.2800) and 20% in the category of Junior Accounts Assistant in Pay Band-1 of RS.5200-20200 (Grade pay:2800) and Accounts Clerk in Pay Band-1 of RS.5200-20200 (Grade Pay :1900). The question of continuance of the above freeze orders has been considered by the Board and it has been decided to extend the currency of the ‘instructions mentioned for a further period up to 31.12.2012. Rest of the vacancies may be filled up after reviewing the requirement of clerical staff.
2.          In this regard, Board also desire that the Railways and Production Units should furnish information regarding the sanctioned strength of ,Jr. Clerks, Sr. Clerks, Jr. Accounts Assistants and Accounts Clerks as on 1.4.92 and as on 1.1.2010.
3.          The instructions will be effective from the date of expiry of earlier freeze order i.e. 01,01.2010.
            Please acknowledge receipt.
            (Hindi version will follow.)

(Ravi Shekhar)
Deputy Director Estt. (N) – II
Railway Board.

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Latest on Pass Issue

Lots of queries are being received on Pass Issues from every nook and corner of Indian Railways. Railwaymen are eagerly awaiting this issue to be settled down quickly. Com. S.G. Mishra/General Secy/AIRF is after this issue whole heartedly. Yesterday on 22.07.10, General Secy./AIRF met Advisor/IR Railway Board regarding pass Issue.

Pass 22july2010

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Blood Donation Camp

Donating Blood is a Social Work

Donate Blood & save Life

NRMU organized a Blood Donation Camp at Solapur Railway Station PF-1 near booking Office on 27-07-2010 from 8:00 Hrs to 18:00 Hrs.

All Running staff are requested to donate Blood Generously


1) Good Health

2) 1Day Special CL

3) Gift

4) Certificate

5) Free Blood when needed

and lots of more……………

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