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Extended Run System

Extended Run System



  • Surrendering of 29 Set of M/Exp Crew (LP,ALP,Gd)
  • Working is more than 08 hours
  • Trip is repeating after long gap of 32 Days
  • Night duty increased
  • Job Security is very Less
  • Shifting of DD Crew to PA
  • Resultantly DD Depot will be demolished
  • No increase in Mileage
  • No running room at HYB
  • Out Station rest falls short at HYB, Since major portion of O/S Rest is being wasted 4 breakfast & Lunch
  • WD-RC Pass Trains will be H/o to GTL Div
  • Resultantly WD Pass Depot may be Close since no working
  • WD Room Room will be abolished at later stage

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