Archive for payment of 60% CPC Arrear.

Rail assures staff for timely payment of DA/Bonus/60% CPC Arrear.

In a press release from Eastern Railway it is clearly clarified that Rail will payout DA/Bonus/60% Arrear in time. There is no plan to withheld the dues to the employees.
Confusion picked up momentum when a circular of Finance Dept. Dtd 23.07.09 signed by Smt. Anjali Goel, Ex. Director came into notice. That circular clearly stated that due to financial recession, the payments to the employees are suspended.
It was a hectic day in the Rail Ministry yesterday when the circular came into notice of all concerned, particularly after publishing it into a local daily in Kolkata. The minister directed to look into the matter and after that the assurance in caption came in.
The press release issued yesterday categorically says that Rail is always committed to it’s employees and never keep it’s staff deprive of any benefit.
Three general manager of different zones also confirmed the news in a TV interview yesterday.

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