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All India Running Staff Conference 25-04-2010 at Mumbai CST

R/S Conference/AIRF/NRMU/2010/1                   Dt. 27-3-2010

The General Secretaries of Zonal Railways

Dear Comrades,

Sub: All India Running Staff Conference to be held on 25-4-2010 at Mumbai under the banner of National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU) C.Rly.

You are aware that the AIRF has decided to hold an all India Conference of Running Staff on 25-4-2010 in the Working Committee Meeting held on 18th & 19th March 2010 and the N.R.M.U. has been given the responsibility of hosting it. Accordingly the Union has initiated necessary steps. A Reception Committee has been formed and printing of posters, banners etc. have been taken up and they will be sent to you shortly. The Convenor of the Reception committee is Com. N. Haridasan, Divisional Secretary, NRMU, Mumbai. Correspondence may be made to him on the following address.

Com. N. Haridasan,
Divisional Secretary,
National Railway Mazdoor Union, (C..Rly.)
PREM Office, 1st Floor , Parcel Building.
Mumbai CST.
Mobile No. 09757406062
E-mail nos.

We are arranging the Conference in an open ground at Mumbai CST which can accommodate about 1000 delegates. We therefore, desire that the Zonal Unions should decide the number of their delegates based on it. The General Secretaries are requested to inform us well in time the particulars such as – date of arrival, Train No., number of
delegates etc. to us so that we can make suitable arrangements to receive them and arrange their lodging.
We request you that the information may be furnished to us at the earliest.
With greetings,
                                                                                                                                                                              Yours fraternally, 
                                                                       ( P. R. Menon) 
                                                                    General Secretary
NB:- Since there are serious problems for lodging arrangement, it is requested that the delegates may be instructed not to bring their family members.

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