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Loco and Traffic Running Staff Sholapur NRMU Dharana on Lapses of Safety

NRMU Dharana on Safety Lapses by Loco and Traffic Running Staff Solapur

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LI SLI Anomaly solved revised stepping up fixation will B given as per RB’s L.No. S.No.PC-VI/131 RBE No. 236 /2009 dt 24.07.09




S.No.PC-VI/131 RBE No. 236 /2009

No.E(P&A)II/2008/RS-37 New Delhi, dated 24.07.2009

The General Managers/CAOs,

All Indian Railways & Prod. Units etc,

(as per mailing lists No.I & II)

Sub : Anomaly in fixation of pay of Loco Supervisory staff appointed prior to 01.01.2006 with reference to their juniors appointed after 01.01.2006 and drawing more pay than the seniors.

It has come to the notice of the Board that staff appointed prior to 1.1.2006 as Loco Running Supervisors in the pre-revised pay scales, whose pay has been fixed in the replacement pay structure for Loco Running Supervisors under the RS(RP) Rules, 2008, are drawing less pay than their juniors appointed as Loco Running Supervisor after 1.1.2006. The anomaly has arisen due to the fact that the benefit of element of Running allowance granted at the time of promotion of running staff to a stationary post has been granted to the junior in the revised pay structure, whereas, the same benefit granted to the senior is of lesser value as the same has been calculated on pre-revised pay scale.

2. It has been decided that the anomaly may be resolved by granting stepping up of pay in pay band to the seniors at par with the juniors in terms of Note 10 below Rule 7 of RS (RP) Rules, 2008.

3. The benefit of stepping up of pay in pay band will be subject to the following conditions:-

(a) Both the junior and the senior Railway servants should belong to the same cadre and the posts in which they have been promoted should be identical in the same cadre and other conditions enumerated in Note 10 below Rule 7 of RS(RP) Rules, 2008 should also be fulfilled.

(b) The stepping up of pay will be allowed to running staff only appointed as Loco Supervisors in whose cases 30% of basic pay is taken as pay element in the running allowance. The stepping up of pay will not be admissible to the nonrunning staff of Mechanical Deptt. Appointed as Loco Running Supervisors as in their cases the question of pay element in the running allowance does not arise;

(c) If even in the lower post, revised or pre-revised, the junior was drawing more pay than the senior by virtue of advance increments granted to him or otherwise, stepping up will not be permissible;

(d) Stepping up will be allowed only once, the pay so fixed after stepping up will remain unchanged

(e) The next increment will be allowed on the following 1st July, if due, on completion of the requisite qualifying service with effect from the date of refixation of pay, as per the provisions of Rule 10 of RS(RP) Rules, 2008.

4. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

5. Hindi version will follow.


                                             (Salim Md. Ahmed)

                                       Deputy Director/E(P&A)III

                                                 Railway Board

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NRMU Opposed “Optimization of Crew Link” COM’s Proposal (visit: )

Unite to Save Surrendering of Huge No’s of Running Staff posts.

      As per Central Railway COM Office’s L.No.253.AC.PNM Dated 15-27/07/209 signed jointly by


Dy.CME(P&F) &


Administration suggested following links related to SUR Div Crew:-

  1. BSL Crew will work 1078/2779, 2780/2627, 2628/1077 between BSL-DD-BSL section
  2. DD crew will work 1020/7031, 1042/1041, 7032/1019 & 6530/6529 between DD-CSTM-DD
  3. DD crew will work 1014/1013 between DD-LTT-DD

NRMU opposed to this proposal of “Optimization of Crew Link” which will surrender running staff posts.

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Monopoly of Railway Board


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Rs. 2800/- Grade Pay to be awarded to ALPs

Memorandum submitted by NRMU to Com. ShivGopal Mishra General Secretary, AIRF on 11/01/2009 at CSTM during Conference of Loco Traffic Running staff


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Mileage Doubled?

Don’t keep quiet,

be Ready to Fight for Right.

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Oral Evidences By NRMU/AIRF for Running Staff

Oral Evidence

Report on the oral evidence of AIRF before the VI CPC, held on 6-7.2.2007 in Kolkata(SER) 

            Oral evidence of AIRF before the VI CPC started in Kolkata on 6th February, 2007 and concluded on 7th February, 2007. The internal meeting of AIRF was held on 5th and 6th February in J.M. Biswas Bhawan, Garden Reach, Kolkata(S.E. Railway). 

            In all the 5 groups, viz. (i) Loco and Traffic Running staff, (ii) Technicians of various departments, (iii) Technical Supervisors etc., (iv) Signal, Telecommunication, Electrical &  Mechanical departments’ staff, (v) Transportation/Operating Staff, the following representatives participated in the meeting and thereafter they appeared before the VI CPC for oral evidence:-


1.         On behalf of Loco and Traffic Running Staff

(i) Coms. Salil Lawrence/Sr. Pass. Guard/ Sr.DOM/NGP/SECR,

(ii) N. Haridasan/Loco Pilot/DRM CST/CR,

(iii) P. Ganesan/ Motorman/ CCC/MMC/MAS/SR,

(iv) Nagbhushan/Motorman/CCG/DRM BCT/WR

participated in the oral evidence before the VI CPC. The delegation was led by Com. Rakhal Das Gupta/AGS/AIRF.
The Commission heard with rapt attention, the problems of the Loco and Traffic Running Staff. The discussion lasted for 45 minutes. 

2.         Technicians of various departments, including Bride, Tie Temping and Printing Press, of the Indian Railways also participated in the oral evidence before the VI CPC in which (i) Coms. A.M. D’cruz/C&W Tech.-I/UBL/SWR, (ii) S.K. Bose/Tech. II/CWM/MTN/CR, (iii) N. Srinivasan/Tech. Gr-I/SSE/ AC/DLX/CEWE/PER/SR, (iv) Prakash Morwal, MCF(DSL)/ABR/ DRM (E)/AII/NWR participated. The delegation was led by Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra/AGS/ AIRF. 

1.         Technical Supervisors of all departments, including Bridge and Track Machine Organisation, participated in the oral evidence before the VI CPC and on their behalf (i) Coms.    S.G. Mishra/AGS/AIRF (ii) S.K. Gupta/SSE(P.Way) under AEN/SWM/KTT/WCR, (iii) R.N. Roy/S.E.(Sig.)/Kharagpur/ SER, (iv) Subhendu Mukherjee, WCM/AIRF participated. The delegation was led by Com. L.N. Pathak/SSE(Mech. Insp.) under CWM/CB/LKO/NR.  

2.         The Technicians of the Signal, Telecommunication, Electrical and Mechanical departments also gave oral evidence before the VI CPC. The delegation was led by Com. Rakhal Das Gupta/AGS/AIRF. Other members of the delegation were (i) Coms. T.J. Jose/SSE/ELS/ LGD/SCR, (ii) Amit Kumar Ghosh/Tech.-I/Ele./Ranaghat/ER, (iii) K.Ramesh Babu/SSE(C&W)/ ECoR/VSKP, (iv) B.L. Misra/SM/Bhusawal/CR

3.         Transportation(Operating) staff of all the categories gave oral evidence before the VI CPC under the leadership of Com. J.R. Bhosale/Treasurer/AIRF. Other members of the delegation were (i) Coms. N.K. Gupta/SM/BIM/DRM/BCT/WR, (ii) Arun Gupta/Dy. Controller/ Ajmer/NWR, (iii) Bibhas Jorder/SSM/Alipurduar Jn./NFR, (iv) K.G.P. Singh/YM/Jamalpur/ER (v) S. Raghunathan/SM-I/Chennai Bench/SR.
            The Pay Commission gave patient hearing. 

            The GS/AIRF had briefed each delegation in J.M. Biswas Bhawan, Garden Reach, Kolkata before they were sent for oral evidence before the VI CPC.
            Next oral evidence will take place in March 2007 at Chennai and thereafter at Bangalore in April 2007.

            The Pay Commission will meet the Standing Committee of NC/JCM in New Delhi in the month of April 2007.  

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