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Loco inspector guide train drivers

Loco inspector guide train drivers

ALLAHABAD: There are persons in railways known as loco inspectors. They help loco pilots or train drivers and provide them psychological assistance in efficiently driving the trains. They have been entrusted the task to guide the drivers and solve their problems.

In the Allahabad division of North Central Railway which stretches from Ghaziabad to Mughalsarai, there are 51 loco inspectors. Out of these, 19 are placed at Allahabad, 18 at Kanpur and the remaining 14 at Tundla. They have to travel along with drivers and assistant drivers in the railway engine and give directions which is called `foot plating’ in the railway parlance.

The prime duty of loco inspector is to be a competent loco pilot in all respects. It means that driver should have good knowledge in technical and safety aspects with good driving skills. The loco inspector reads weakness of loco pilot is one area which requires additional efforts and try to eliminate the same by adopting different methodology through counseling.

They also improve human touch with loco pilots will develop good relations in understanding their day-to-day problems. The loco inspectors try solve the domestic and official problems of the drivers so that they can concentrate on driving. The loco inspectors always update loco pilots knowledge in regard to latest safety circulars, technical circulars, etc., on various technical/safety aspects.

NCR spokesperson Amit Malviya said that job of loco inspector is of paramount importance as he helps the loco pilot in properly driving the train.

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